Top 25 GK Question And Answer

Top 25 GK Question And Answer
Top 25 GK Question And Answer

GK Question And Answer

Top 25 GK Question And Answer: If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you must know your general knowledge Questions, current affairs, History and general science. This article provides you Top 25 GK Question And Answer.

General Knowledge Questions With Answer

Ques 1. Which country ruled East Timor?
Ans. Indonesia.

Ques 2. The Red Revolution took place in China?
Ans. 1949.

Ques 3. When was the Berlin wall demolished?
Ans. 9 November 1985.

Ques 4. When did Portuguese sailor Bartholomeo discover Cape Uttamasha.
Ans. 1486.

Ques 5. When did the Portuguese establish their first fort Lali in Cochin.
Ans. 1503 AD.

Ques 6. Who was the leading scholar of medicine in the Gupta period.
Ans. Vagbhat.

Ques 7. Which ruler named himself Shiladitya.
Ans. Harshvardhan.

Ques 8. Who was the most famous among the nine gems in the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya?
Ans. Kalidasa

Ques 9. Who was the leading scholar of medicine in the Gupta period?
Ans. Vagbhata

Ques 10. Who sent his son and daughter to Sri Lanka to propagate Buddhism.
Ans. Ashoka

Ques 11. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is divided into how many chapters.
Ans. 15

Ques 12. Apart from India, Ashoka’s inscription has been found at which other place.
Ans. Afghanistan

Ques 13. From which place was the stone taken for Ashoka’s inscription.
Ans. Chunar

Ques 14. In which Jain text is there a mention of Chandragupta Maurya adopting Jainism.
Ans. In Parishishta Parva

Ques 15. In which university was Chanakya a teacher?
Ans. Takshila University.

Ques 16. Which scholar called Bindusara the conqueror of 16 states?
Ans. Taranatha.

Ques 17. What was the name of Ashoka’s mother?
Ans. Shubhdrangi.

Ques 18. Who first started inscriptions in India?
Ans. Ashoka.

Ques 19. In which source is the administration of Pataliputra described?
Ans. Indica.

Ques 20. Whom did the British defeat in the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760 AD?
Ans. French.

Ques 21. When was the German wall built?
Ans. 1961.

Ques 22. What name did Aryan give to Chandragupta Maurya.
Ans. Sandrokots

Ques 23. In which book was the word Kulheen used for Chandragupta Maurya.
Ans. Mudrarakshas.

Ques 24. In which book the invasions of Southern India are revealed.
Ans. Tamil book ‘Ahananoor’.

Ques 25. When did Chandragupta Maurya die?
Ans. 297 BC.

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