World General Knowledge Questions

World General Knowledge Questions
World General Knowledge Questions

World General Knowledge Questions

World General Knowledge Questions: In this post, we share General Knowledge questions on World. one liner GK question is very important for all Government exams. All candidates must be read this post and Learn World General Knowledge Question and Answer.

World General Knowledge Questions

Ques 1. World’s largest mammal – Blue Whale

Ques 2. World’s largest temple – Angkor Wat Temple

Ques 3. World’s tallest tower – Qutub Minar

Ques 4. World’s largest clock tower – The Great Bell of Moscow

Ques 5. World’s largest statue – Statue of Unity

Ques 6. World’s largest bird – Ostrich

Ques 7. World’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Ques 8. World’s largest church – Basilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)

Ques 9. World’s largest Hindu population – India

Ques 10. Largest group of islands in the world – Indonesia

Ques 11. Longest river in the world – River Nile L. 6650 km

Ques 12. World’s largest river with drainage area – Amazon River

Ques 13. World’s largest country – Russia

Ques 14. World’s smallest country – Vatican City

Ques 15. World’s largest voters’ country – India

Ques 16. World’s longest border line – Canada

Ques 17. World’s longest border line – China (13 countries)

Ques 18. World’s largest desert – Sahara (Africa)

Ques 19. World’s hottest region – Algeria (Libya)

Ques 20. World’s coldest place – Vostok Antarctica

Ques 21. World’s largest fresh water lake – Lake Superior

Ques 22. Smallest ocean in the world – Arctic Ocean

Ques 23. Largest gulf in the world – Gulf of Mexico

Ques 24. World’s largest airport – King Khalid Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ques 25. World’s largest port – Uzbekistan

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