Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers
Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Computer General Knowledge Questions And Answers: this post we will learn about Computer GK Questions in English. nowadays computer related questions are definitely asked in every exam. Keeping this in mind, we should prepare for our exam. 

Nowadays computer related questions are asked in UP Police, SSC, UPSC, RRB, IA, Computer Teacher, Programmer, CTET, railway, state exam etc.

Computer General Knowledge Questions

Ques 1. Which is the computer language used in the Internet?
Ans. Java

Ques 2. What is CRAY?
Ans. Supercomputer

Ques 3. Who invented the calculator in 1642?
Ans. Pascal (French)

Ques 4. What are file extensions used for?
Ans. To identify the file type

Ques 5. What is the number of ‘function-keys’ in the keyboard?
Ans. 12

Ques 6. How many types of computers are there?
Ans. Two types

Ques 7. What type of storage devices are used in cell phones?
Ans. Flash

Ques 8. Soft copy is an output, then what is hard copy?
Ans. Printed output

Ques 9.What is E.D.P.?
Ans. Electronic Data Processing

Ques 10. What are those words called which a programming language has kept aside for its own use?
Ans. Reserved words

Ques 11. What is a group of interrelated records called?
Ans. Database

Ques 12. What is the process of dividing a disk into tracks and sectors?
Ans. Formatting

Ques 13. Which is considered to be the world’s first computer network?

Ques 14. What is a thin plate or board with electronic components called?
Ans. Circuit board

Ques 15. Which printer prints letters with strokes?
Ans. Dot matrix printer

Ques 16. Which software controls the hardware of a computer?
Ans. System

Ques 17. Which software is used to work on a computer?
Ans. Application

Ques 18. In which are the control, memory, arithmetic and logic units located?
Ans. In CPU

Ques 19. In which generation of computers were teleprocessing and timesharing used?
Ans. Third generation

Ques 20. What is restarting an already on computer called?
Ans. Warm booting

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