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Indian Space Programme || Indian Space


Jun 28, 2021
Indian Space ProgrammeIndian Space

Indian space station live

Ques 21. Father of Modern Space Science ?

Ans: Galileo Galilei

Ques 22. The 100th space mission of ISRO ?
Ans: PSLV C- 21

Ques 23. Father of Indian Space Science ?
Ans: Vikram Sarabhai

Ques 24. PSLV C -21 launched from ?
Ans: Sriharikota

Ques 25. PSLV C -21 launched on ?
Ans: 9 September  2012

Ques 26. PSLV C-20 launched from ?
Ans: Sriharikotta

Ques 27. Sateliites in PSLV C- 21 ?
Ans: SPOT 6 (France), PROITERES (Japan)

Ques 28. PSLV C -20 launched on ?
Ans: 25 February  2013

Ques 29. The 101th space mission of ISRO ?
Ans: PSLV C -20

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