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Indian Space Programme || Indian Space


Jun 28, 2021
Indian Space ProgrammeIndian Space

Ques 11. First satellite of India ?
Ans: Aryabhatta

Ques 12. Second satellite from India ?
Ans: Bhaskara(1979)

Ques 13. Aryabhatta was launched from ?
Ans: Volgo Grad (Russia)

Ques 14. India’s first education Satellite ?
Ans: Edusat

Ques 15. First Indian communication Satellite ?

Ques 16. India’s indigenous radar imaging satellite ?
Ans: RISAT-1

Ques 17. Father of Space Science ?
Ans: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Ques 18. which was First space capsule recovery experiment of India?
Ans: S.R.E 1

Ques 19. which University in india launched first satellite ?
Ans: Anna University

Ques 20. First satellite to study about Ocean ?
Ans: Oceansat

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