GK Questions With Answers In English

GK Questions With Answers In English
GK Questions With Answers In English

GK Questions With Answers In English

GK Questions With Answers In English: In this post, we share GK questions. GK Questions With Answers In English is very important for all competitive exams. All candidates must be read this post and Learn GK Questions.

GK Questions With Answers

  • From what is chicory powder mixed with coffee powder obtained? = from the roots
  • Which is called the land of sunrise? = Japan
  • Where is the capital of Bangladesh? = Dhaka
  • In which country did the rickshaw run for the first time? = Japan
  • Where is Wankhede Stadium situated? = Mumbai
  • Who is called the jewel of Karnataka? = Mysore
  • “Mahabhashya” written by Patanjali is a commentary on which of the following books? = Ashtadhyayi
  • Dadasaheb Phalke Award is given by which ministry? = Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Who discovered the blood group? = Lead Stainer
  • Which is the gas that usually explodes in a coal mine? = Methane
  • Which was the first Sultan who started giving salary to soldiers instead of Iqta? = Alauddin Khilji
  • Which two religions believe that the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnation are true? = Jainism and Buddhism
  • Where was the resident of Pandit Ganga Bhatt who performed the coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji? = Banaras
  • The courtesan named Lal Kunwar was very influential in the reign of which Mughal ruler? = Bahadur Shah I
  • Which Sikh Guru was accused of helping Khusrau in his rebellion against Jahangir? = Guru Arjun Dev

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