GK Question Series Thirteen

GK Question Series Thirteen
GK Question Series Thirteen

GK Question Series Thirteen

GK Question Series Thirteen: In this, Blog we Define GK Question and answer in daily basis. It is very Important for All Competitive Exam Like: SSC, BANK, LDC, IA, Programmer, Etc. GK Question is Main topic for all exam.

GK Question Series Thirteen

Ques 1. Which grain is burnt during Holika Dahan?
Ans. Barley

Ques 2. Who founded ‘Khudai Khidmatgar’?
Ans. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Ques 3. It is the confluence of Ganga-Yamuna rivers.
Ans. Allahabad

Ques 4. Dadasaheb was the first person honored with the Phalke Award.
Ans. Devika Rani

Ques 5. What was the childhood name of Buddha?
Ans. Siddharth

Ques 6. India’s maritime border is long.
Ans. 7500. m.

Ques 7. In the Maurya Empire, which ruler’s capital was first ‘Patiliputra’?
Ans. Chandragupta Maurya

Ques 8. When is Human Rights Day celebrated?
Ans. 10 December

Ques 9. Kathak Kali is the dance of which state?
Ans. Kerala

Ques 10. When is the millet crop harvested?
Ans. October-November

Ques 11. Who is the author of Mahabharata?
Ans. Vedvyas

Ques 12. Where is Jim Corbett Park located?
Ans. Uttaranchal

Ques 13. When was ‘U.N.O’ established?
Ans. In 1945 AD

Ques 14. Which item does India export the most?
Ans. Cotton cloth

Ques 15. Gram comes under which crop?
Ans. Pulses

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