GK Question Series Six

GK Question Series Six
GK Question Series Six

GK Question Series Six

GK Question Series Six: In this, Blog we Define GK Question Series in daily basis. It is very Important for All Competitive Exam Like: SSC, BANK, LDC, IA, Programmer, Etc. GK Question is Main topic for all exam.

GK Question Series Six

Ques 1. Aravalli mountain range is divided by which river system?
Ans. Chambal and Sabarmati

Ques 2. Where does Luni river fall?
Ans. Run of Kutch

Ques 3. Which rivers originate near Mansarovar Lake in Tibet?
Ans. Sutlej, Indus, Brahmaputra

Ques 4. In which air is the absence of cyclonic motion found?
Ans. Tornado

Ques 5. Which river is known as the second Ganga?
Ans. Kaveri River

Ques 6. Which is the most suitable crop for dry land?
Ans. peanuts

Ques 7. In which state of India is Kanchenjunga located?
Ans. Sikkim

Ques 8. Which river is also known as Greater Ganga?
Ans. Godavari

Ques 9. ‘Tehri Dam’ receives water from which river?
Ans. Bhagirathi

Ques 10. Which is the largest glacier?
Ans. Siachen

Ques 11. Which river makes Majuli the world’s largest river island?
Ans. Brahmaputra

Ques 12.On the banks of which river is the famous Mahakaleshwar temple located?
Ans. Narmada River

Ques 13. The much talked about ‘Sardar Sarovar Project’ is in which of the following states?
Ans. Gujarat

Ques 14. On which river India and Pakistan have signed a water agreement?
Ans. Sindhu

Ques 15. According to the Indus Agreement, what percentage of the water of the Indus River can India use?
Ans. 20 percent

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