GK Question Series Eighteen

GK Question Series Eighteen
GK Question Series Eighteen

GK Question Series Eighteen

GK Question Series Eighteen: In this, Blog we Define GK Question and answer in daily basis. It is very Important for All Competitive Exam Like: SSC, BANK, LDC, IA, Programmer, Etc. GK Question is Main topic for all exam.

GK Question Series Eighteen

Ques 1. In which country is the maximum production of peanuts done?
Ans. India

Ques 2. Who is known as the national poet?
Ans. Maithili Sharan Gupta

Ques 3. Who is effectively controlling the stock market?

Ques 4. From which ore is zinc extracted?
Ans. Zinc Blend

Ques 5. The enzyme which is converted into fatty acids and glycerol?
Ans. Lipase

Ques 6. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of Australia?
Ans. Julia Gillard

Ques 7. Which is the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon?
Ans. Benzene

Ques 8. For which crop is stem cutting propagation used?
Ans. Sugarcane

Ques 9. Who was the inventor of ball pen?
Ans. John Bond

Ques 10. Where was the first meeting of Bihar Socialist Party held?
Ans. Patna

Ques 11. Which is the edible part of paddy?
Ans. Seeds

Ques 12. Indian Universities Act was passed during the time of which Viceroy?
Ans. Lord Curzon

Ques 13. Which is the chemical used to eliminate algae in water tanks?
Ans. Copper Sulphate

Ques 14. How is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday celebrated?
Ans. International Day of Non-Violence

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