Geography Question Answer

Geography Question Answer
Geography Question Answer

Geography Question Answer

Geography Question Answer: In this post we share about Geography Questions Answer. All Competitive Exams asking question related to this topic. It is Important topic for All exams. This post is also useful for geography questions in UPSC , geography questions for UPSC mains.

Geography Question And Answer

Ques 1. What is the area of India compared to the area of the world?
Ans. 2.42%

Ques 2. What is India’s position in the world in terms of population?
Ans. 2nd

Ques 3. What is the extent of India from north to south?
Ans. 3214 km

Ques 4. Which country is to the east of India?
Ans. Bangladesh

Ques 5. Where are the Andaman-Nicobar Islands located?
Ans. In the Bay of Bengal

Ques 6. Where is Lakshadweep located?
Ans. In the Arabian Sea

Ques 7. What is the southern end of India called?
Ans. Indira Point

Ques 8. By what other name is Indira Point also known?
Ans. Pygmalion Point

Ques 9. The hills of Purvanchal separate India from which nation?
Ans. Myanmar

Ques 10. What is the distance from the equator to the southern end of India?
Ans. 876 km

Ques 11. What is the length of India’s land border?
Ans. 15200 km

Ques 12. What is the length of the coastline of mainland India?
Ans. 6100 KM

Ques 13. 25. At what latitude is the southern border of the mainland of India?
Ans. 8°4′

Ques 14. Which ocean is south of India?
Ans. Indian Ocean

Ques 15. What is the latitudinal extent of entire India?
Ans. 8° 4′ to 37° 6′ north latitude

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