Input And Output Devices Of Computer

Input And Output Devices Of Computer
Input And Output Devices Of Computer

Input And Output Devices Of Computer

Input And Output Devices Of Computer: The combination of input and output devices is the foundation upon which a computer system operates. Utilizing an info gadget we can carefully guide the PC to play out an activity and the gadget returns to our activity through a result gadget.

Not only is it essential to have a basic understanding of how a computer works, but it is also essential for candidates for competitive exams. This is because major government exams in the country include a section on computer knowledge.

what are the input and output devices of a computer ?

Input Device : The input device assists the computer in receiving user instructions.

Output Device : The output device aids the computer in producing or displaying data to users.

List Of Input & Output Devices

Input Device

S.No. Device Name
1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Joysticks
4. Light Pen
5. Microphone
6. Scanner
7. Barcode Reader
8. Webcam
9. Trackball
10. Digital Camera


1. Mouse

With a mouse, we can directly click on various system icons and open a variety of files and programs. A mouse has three buttons on the top and one trackball on the bottom, which help select the mouse and move it around, respectively. On laptops, the touchpad replaces the mouse and helps move the mouse pointer.

2. Keyboard

The console is the most crucial info gadget of the PC. When inserting data into a computer, keys mounted on a keyboard are typically used. WiFi or a USB cable connect it to the computer system. Keys come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each designed for a specific function or group of letters, special characters, or numbers. It is the primary information gadget to order the PC framework.

3. Joystick

Joystick contains a stick associated with the base at a point so it tends to be effectively moved and controlled. It is mostly used to control how characters move in video games. It is likewise utilized in the cockpit of a plane, wheelchairs, cranes, and trucks to appropriately manage them. It’s also moves the screen cursor, but unlike a mouse, it does not.

4. Light Pen

It is a wand-like looking gadget which can straightforwardly be moved over the gadget’s screen
It is light-delicate
Utilized related to PC’s cathode beam tube.

5. Scanner

Scanner This device can scan text or images and turn them into digital signals. When we put any part of a document on a scanner, it turns them into digital signals and shows them on the computer screen.

Input Output Devices
Input Output Devices

Output Device

S.No. Device Name
1. Monitor
2. Speakers
3. Printer
4. Projector
5. Headphones
6. Plotter


1. Monitor

The device that shows all of the icons, text, and other images. The term “monitor” refers to a device that is displayed over a screen. When we instruct the computer to carry out a task, the outcome is shown on the monitor. Over the course of time, various types of monitors have also been developed.

2. Printer

A printer is an output device that copies textual or graphical files, typically on a single page. The primary purpose of it is to print the data onto paper. For instance, an essayist types a total book on his PC framework. He needs to take a printout of it as paper with the goal that the book can be investigated and later distributed. Impact printers, character printers, line printers, laser printers, and so on are among the many different kinds of printers currently available for purchase.

3. Speakers

A gadget through which we can stand by listening to a sound as a result of what we order a PC to do is known as a speaker
Speakers are connected with a PC framework and furthermore are an equipment gadget which can be joined independently
With the headway in innovation, speakers are currently accessible which are remote and can be associated utilizing BlueTooth or different applications.

4. Projector

A projector is an optical and output device that projects moving or still images onto a screen. Typically, auditoriums and movie theaters use these projecting tools to show videos and light effects. When a projector is connected to a PC framework then the substance showed on the projection screen will be equivalent to showed on the screen. The distinction here is that projector shows contents on the greater screens.

5. Headphones

The only difference between headphones and speakers is the frequency of the sound. While speakers can be heard over a larger area, headphones can only be heard by the person wearing them. Headphones are also called earphones or headsets.

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