Computer Language

Computer Language
Computer Language

Computer Language

Computer Language: Computer language is a language that can be understood by computers. This language is used to give instructions in computer systems.

Types of computer languages

  • Machine Language
  • Assembly Code Language
  • High Level Programming Language
  1. Machine Language : Machine language is the language where just two digits 0 and 1 are utilized. This is the basic language of the computer which the computer understands directly. Machine language is written in binary code which has only two digits 0 and 1.
  2. Assembly Code Language : Assembly code language is a computer programming language in which letters or symbols are used instead of digital signs, hence assembly language is also called symbol language. Assembly code language is a low level language.
  3. High Level Programming Language : High level programming language is the language used in computers in which programs are written using English letters, numbers and symbols. High level programming language can work on any type of processor. It can be easily understood, it is common. It looks like English and is translated into machine language by the compiler.


Question 1. What are Computer Language ?
Answer. The language used by computers to understand their programs.

Question 2. How Many Type of Computer Language ?
Answer. There Are Three Type of Computer Language.

Question 3. Which Language is the second generation of programming languages ?
Answer. Assembly language

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