Rajasthan General Knowledge

Rajasthan General Knowledge
Rajasthan General Knowledge

Rajasthan General Knowledge

Rajasthan General Knowledge: In this blog we define general knowledge question on Rajasthan. This Question is Most Important for competitive exam.

Rajasthan General Knowledge Questions In Hindi

Ques 1. what is the Foundation Day of Rajasthan?
Ans. 30 March 1949

Ques 2. What is Capital Of Rajasthan?
Ans. Jaipur

Ques 3. what is the official language of Rajasthan?
Ans. Hindi

Ques 4. Who was the first (CM) Chief Minister of Rajasthan?
Ans. Shri Hira Lal Shastri

Ques 5. Who was the first Governor of Rajasthan?
Ans. Shri Sardar Gurmukh Nihal Singh Ji

Ques 6. Who is the present Chief Minister of Rajasthan?
Ans. Shri Bhajan Lal Sharma

Ques 7. Who is the present Governor of Rajasthan?
Ans. Mr. Kalraj Mishra

Ques 8. Which is the largest city of Rajasthan?
Ans. Jaipur

Ques 9. What is the area of Rajasthan?
Ans. 342239 square kilometers

Ques 10.Which is the state bird of Rajasthan?
Ans. Godwan

Ques 11. Which is the State tree of Rajasthan?
Ans. Khejadi

Ques 12. Which is the State flower of Rajasthan?
Ans. Rohida

Ques 13. Which is the State animal of Rajasthan?
Ans. Chinkara

Ques 14. What are the folk dances of Rajasthan?
Ans. Ganagor, Jhulan Leela, Ghumar, Chakri, Jhuma, Suisini, Kalbeliya.

Ques 15. Which are the main rivers of Rajasthan?
Ans. Lani, Ghagghar, Chambal, Bedach, Banas, Parvati.

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