National Animals Of All Countries

National Animals Of All Countries
National Animals

National Animals Of All Countries

In this post, we sharing about National Animals Of All Countries. It is a most important Topic for all competitive exams. Every exams asking question related to this topic Like: SSC, UPSC, BANK, Etc.

Most of the nations are very known from their images rather than the actual nation. Thus, knowing about the public images like creatures, birds, legendary animals, and so on are generally significant. The significance of National creatures is it shows a nation’s qualities in the event that it is strength, bliss, or insight. Commonly doesn’t demonstrate to the world what is critical to it without having a public creature to a country. In Below we are sharing list of National Animals  of all countries.

National Animals Of All Countries:-

S.No. Country Name National Animal
1. Afghanistan Snow Leopard
2. Argentina Rufous Hornero
3. Australia Red Kangaroo
4. Belgium Leo Belgicus
5. Bangladesh Bengal Tiger
6. Bolivia Llama
7. Bhutan Takin
8. Brazil Jaguar
9. Bulgaria Lion
10. China Chinese Dragon
11. Chile Huemul
12. Cuba Cuban Crocodile
13. Colombia Andean Condor
14. Cyprus Cypriot mouflon
15. Denmark Red squirrel
16. Egypt Saladin’s Eagle
17. England Lion, Bulldog
18. Finland Brown Bear
19. France Gallic Rooster
20. Hungary Turul
21. Indonesia Komodo Dragon
22. India Royal Bengal Tiger
23. Iraq Goat
24. Ireland Irish Wolfhound
25. Japan Pheasant
26. Malaysia Malayan Tiger
27. Myanmar Peafowl
28. New Zealand Kiwis
29. Netherlands Lion
30. Norway Lion
31. Philippines Carabao
32. Pakistan Markhor
33. Portugal Iberian wolf
34. Poland White Eagle
35. Russia Russian Brown Bear
36. Romania Lynx
37. Singapore Lion
38. Scotland Unicorn and Lion
39. South Korea Korean Tiger
40. South Africa Springbok Antelope
41. Sri Lanka Ratufa macroura
42. Spain Bull
43. Thailand Thai Elephant
44. Taiwan Formosan Black Bear
45. United States of America American Bison
46. Vietnam Water Buffalo
47. Zimbabwe Sable Antelope


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