National emblem of all countries

National emblem
National emblem of India

National emblem of all countries

In this post, we share about national emblem of different countries. many exams asking the question related this topic. So read this post carefully.

National emblem

S.No. Country National emblem
1. Afghanistan lion
2. Albania double-headed eagle
3. Algeria star and crescent; fennec fox
4. Anguilla dolphin
5. Armenia Mount Ararat, eagle, lion
6. Austria golden eagle, Alpine gentian
7. Azerbaijan flames of fire
8. Bangladesh Bengal tiger, water lily
9. Barbados Neptune’s trident
10. Belgium lion
11. Belarus mounted knight is known as Pahonia
12. Benin leopard
13. Bermuda red lion
14. Bhutan thunder dragon is known as Druk
15. Botswana zebra
16. Brazil Southern Cross constellation
17. Burma chinthe (mythical lion)
18. Bulgaria lion
19. Cambodia Angkor Wat temple; kouprey (wild ox)
20. Canada maple leaf
21. Cameroon lion
22. Central African Republic elephant
23. China dragon
24. Chile huemul (mountain deer); Andean condor
25. Colombia Andean condor
26. Comoros four stars and crescent
27. Denmark lion; mute swan
28. Dominica Sisserou parrot
29. Egypt golden eagle
30. Ecuador Andean condor
31. Eritrea camel
32. European Union a circle of 12 stars
33. Estonia barn swallow, cornflower
34. Faroe Islands ram
35. France Gallic rooster, fleur-de-lis, Marianne
36. Finland lion
37. Gabon black panther
38. Georgia Saint George; lion
39. Ghana black star; golden eagle
40. Germany golden eagle
41. Greece Greek cross (white cross on blue field; arms equal length)
42. Guyana Canje pheasant (hoatzin); jaguar
43. Hong Kong orchid tree flower
44. Haiti Hispaniolan trogon (bird)
45. Iceland Iceland
46. India Bengal tiger, Lion, Lotus
47. Iran lion
48. Ireland harp, shamrock (trefoil)
49. Iraq golden eagle
50. Israel Star of David (Magen David)
51. Italy white, five-pointed star (Stella d’Italia)
52. Japan red sun disc; chrysanthemum
53. Jordan eagle
54. Jersey Jersey cow



56. Kazakhstan golden eagle
57. Korea, South taegeuk (yin yang symbol)
58. Kuwait golden falcon
59. Laos elephant
60. Liberia white star
61. Libya star and crescent; hawk
62. Luxembourg lion
63. Malaysia tiger
64. Maldives coconut palm, yellowfin tuna
65. Mexico golden eagle
66. Mongolia soyombo emblem
67. Morocco pentacle symbol; lion
68. Netherlands lion
69. Nepal rhododendron blossom
70. New Zealand Southern Cross constellation (four, five-pointed stars); kiwi (bird), silver fern
71. Nigeria eagle
72. Norway lion
73. Oman Khanjar dagger superimposed on two crossed swords
74. Panama harpy eagle
75. Pakistan star and crescent
76. Paraguay lion
77. Peru vicuna (a camelid related to the llama)
78. Poland white eagle
79. Philippines Philippine eagle
80. Puerto Rico Puerto Rican spindalis (bird); coqui (frog)
81. Russia bear; double-headed eagle
82. Romania golden eagle
83. Samoa Southern Cross constellation (five, five-pointed stars)
84. San Marino three peaks each displaying a tower
85. Saudi Arabia palm tree surmounting two crossed swords
86. Serbia double-headed eagle
87. Senegal lion
88. Singapore lion, merlion (mythical half lion-half fish creature), orchid
89. Slovenia Mount Triglav
90. Slovakia double-barred cross (Cross of St. Cyril and St. Methodius) surmounting three peaks
91. South Africa Springbok antelope
92. Somalia leopard
93. Spain Pillars of Hercules
94. Sudan secretary bird
95. Sri Lanka lion
96. Sweden three crowns; lion
97. Switzerland Swiss cross (white cross on red field; arms equal length)
98. Syria hawk
99. Tajikistan crown surmounted by seven, five-pointed stars
100. Taiwan white, 12-rayed sun on a blue field
101. Tanzania Uhuru (Freedom) torch
102. Turkey star and crescent
103. Thailand garuda (mythical half-man, half-bird figure); elephant
104. Ukraine trident (tryzub)
105. Uganda grey crowned crane
106. United Arab Emirates golden falcon


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