Highest Mountain Peak In India

Highest Mountain Peak In India
Top Highest Mountain Peak In India

Highest Mountain Peak In India

In this blog, We provide us Highest Mountain Peak In India. It is a topic of General Knowledge. Many exams asking questions related to this gk topic. All Students who are preparing for competitive exams read this post. India has 7 significant mountain goes that house different mountain pinnacles and it is an exceptionally assorted country. Indian variety isn’t just in socially and lingually yet in addition identified with the normal landscape, including valleys, mountains, streams, verdure, and fauna. India has the absolute most elevated mountains which positions in top three most elevated tops on the planet’s rundown. Generally, the Indian most elevated pinnacles are situated in Sikkim and Uttarakhand States of India. Additionally, you can discover the rundown of state-wise Mountain Peaks in India from this article.

Top Highest Peak In India:-

S.No.  Mountaion Peak Height (Meters)
1. K2 8611 Meters
2. Kangchenjunga 8586 Meters
3. Nanda Devi 7816 Meters
4. Kamet 7756 Meters
5. Santoro Kangri 7742 Meters
6. Saser Kangri 7672 Meters
7. Mamostrong Kangri 7516 Meters
8. Rimo 7385 Meters
9. Hardeol 7151 Meters
10. Chaukamba 7138 Meters



Mountain Peak In India :- State Wise

S.No. Mountain Peaks State  Height (Meters)
1. Kangto Arunachal Pradesh 7090 Meters
2. Arma Konda Andhra Pradesh 1680 Meters
3. Someshwar Fort Bihar 880 Meters
4. Bailadila Range Chhattisgarh 1276 Meters
5. Sosogad Goa 1022 Meters
6. Girnar Gujarat 1145 Meters
7. Karoh Peak Haryana 1499 Meters
8. Reo Purgyil Himachal Pradesh 6816 Meters
9. K2 Jammu and Kashmir 8611 Meters
10. Parasnath Jharkhand 1366 Meters
11. Mullayanagiri Karnataka 1925 Meters
12. Anamudi Kerala 2695 Meters
13. Dhupgarh Madhya Pradesh 1350 Meters
14. Kalsubai Maharashtra 1646 Meters
15. Mount Iso Manipur 2994 Meters
16. Shillong Peak Meghalaya 1965 Meters
17. Phawngpui Mizoram 2165 Meters
18. Mount Saramati Nagaland 3841 Meters
19. Deomali Odisha 1672 Meters
20. Unnamed point on the Naina Devi Punjab 1000 Meters
21. Guru Shikhar Rajasthan 1722 Meters
22. Kanchenjunga Sikkim 8598 Meters
23. Doddabetta Tamil Nadu 2636 Meters
24. Laxmidevipalli Telangana 670  Meters
25. Betalongchhip Tripura 1097 Meters
26. Amsot Peak Uttar Pradesh 957  Meters
27. Nanda Devi Uttarakhand 7816 Meters
28. Sandakphu West Bengal 3636 Meters


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