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Highest Waterfalls In India
Highest Waterfalls

Highest Waterfalls In India

In this blog, we sharing about Highest Waterfalls In India. It is a General Knowledge topic. The scene of the Indian subcontinent is the best illustration of nature’s specialty. The storm is one of the uncommon parts of the Indian subcontinent as it gives a few things, a couple of them are satisfied, best characteristic landscape, streams are going all out, mountains are conscious after a long rest and rainstorm beautified the entire valleys with starting cascades, great lakes, rich green trees, and wonderful blossoms.

Highest Waterfalls In India:

Highest Waterfalls In India
S.No. Waterfall Name State Height (Meters)
1. Kunchikal Falls Karnataka 455  (Meters)
2. Barehipani Falls Odisha 399 (Meters)
3. Nohkalikai Falls Meghalaya 340 (Meters)
4. Nohsngithiang Falls Meghalaya 315 (Meters)
5. Dudhsagar Falls Goa 310 (Meters)
6. Kynrem Falls Meghalaya 305 (Meters)
7. Meenmutty Falls Kerala 300 (Meters)
8. Thalaiyar Falls Tamil Nadu 297 (Meters)
9. Vajrai Falls Maharashtra 260 (Meters)
10. Barkana Falls Karnataka 259 (Meters)
11. Jog Falls Karnataka 253 (Meters)
12. Khandadhar Falls Odisha 244 (Meters)
13. Vantawng Falls  Mizoram 229 (Meters)
14. Kune Falls Maharashtra 200 (Meters)
15. Soochipara Falls Maharashtra 200 (Meters)
16. Magod Falls Karnataka 198 (Meters)
17. Bahuti Falls Madhya Pradesh 198 (Meters)
18. Joranda Falls Odisha 181 (Meters)
19. Hebbe Falls Karnataka 168 (Meters)
20. Duduma Falls Odisha 157 (Meters)
21. Palani Falls Himachal Pradesh 150 (Meters)
22. Lodh Falls Jharkhand 143 (Meters)
23. Bishop Falls Meghalaya 135 (Meters)
24. Chachai Falls Madhya Pradesh 130 (Meters)
25. Keoti Falls Madhya Pradesh 130 (Meters)
26. Kalhatti Falls Karnataka 122 (Meters)
27. Beadon Falls Meghalaya 120 (Meters)
28. Keppa Falls Karnataka 116 (Meters)
29. Koosalli Falls Karnataka 116 (Meters)
30. Dabbe falls Karnataka 110 (Meters)
31. Pandavgad Falls Maharashtra 107 (Meters)
32. Rajat Prapat Madhya Pradesh 107 (Meters)
33. Bundla Falls Bihar 100 (Meters)
34. Shivanasamudra Falls Karnataka 98 (Meters)
35. Lower Ghaghri Falls Jharkhand 98 (Meters)
36. Hundru Falls Jharkhand 98 (Meters)
37. Sweet Falls Meghalaya 96 (Meters)
38. Agaya Gangai Tamil Nadu 92 (Meters)
39. Gatha Falls Madhya Pradesh 91 (Meters)
40. Teerathgarh Falls Chhattisgarh 91 (Meters)


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