First in India (Male & Female)

First in India
First in India (male & female)

First in India (Male & Female)

In this post, we share about First in India (Male & Female) . Some competitive exam asking question in this topic like -: SSC, Banking Sector – IBPS, PO , SBI Clerk, UPSC, Railway.

First in India (Male)
S.No. Designation Name
1. First Prime Minister of free India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
2. First batsman to score double century in One Day International cricket match Sachin Tendulkar
3. First man to have climbed Mount Everest twice Nawang Gombu
4. First President of Indian Republic Dr. Rajendra Prasad
5. First Indian Pilot J.R.D. Tata
6. First Indian to win Nobel Prize Rabindranath Tagore
7. First president of Indian National Congress W.C. Banerjee
8. First Muslim President of Indian National Congress Badruddin Tayyabji
9. First Muslim President of India Dr. Zakir Hussain
10. First British Governor General of India Lord William Bentinck
11. First British Viceroy of India Lord Canning
12. First Governor General of free India Lord Mountbatten
13. First and the last Indian Governer General of free India C. Rajgopalachari
14. First man who introduce printing press in India James Hicky
First Indian to join the I.C.S.
Satendranath Tagore
16. First Indian man in space Rakesh Sharma
17. First Prime Minister of India who resigned without completing Full term Morarji Desai
18. First Indian Commander-in-Chief of India General Cariappa
19. First Cheif of Army Staff Gen. Maharaj Rajendra Singhji
20. First Indian member of the Viceroy’s executive council S.P. Sinha
21. First President of India who died while in office Dr. Zakir Hussain
22. First Prime Minister of India who did not face the Parliament Charan Singh
23. First Field Marshal of India S.H.F. Manekshaw
24. First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics C.V. Raman
25. First Indian to cross English Channel Mihir Sen
26. First Indian to receive Bharat Ratna award Dr. Radhakrishnan
27. First person to receive Gyanpith award Sri Shankar Kurup
28. First Speaker of the Lok Sabha Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar
29. First Education Minister Abul Kalam Azad
First Vice-President of India
Dr. Radhakrishnan
31. First Home Minister of India Sardar Vallabha Bhai Patel
32. First Indian Air Chief Marshal S. Mukharji
33. First Indian Naval Chief Vice Admiral R.D. Katari
34. First judge of International Court of Justice Dr. Nagendra Singh
35. First person to receive Paramveer Chakra Major Somnath Sharma
36. First person to reach Mt. Everest without oxygen Sherpa Anga Dorjee
37. First Chief Election Commissioner Sukumar Sen
38. First person to receive Magsaysay Award Achrya Vinoba Bhave
39. First Chinese traveller to visit India Fahein
40. First person of Indian origin to receive Nobel Prize in Medicine Hargovind Khurana
41. First person to receive Stalin Prize Saifuddin Kitchlu
42. First person to resign from the central cabinate Shyama Prasad Mukharji
43. First batsman to score three test century in three successive tests on debut Mohd. Azharuddin
44. First foreigner to receive Bharat Ratna Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
45. First President of Indian National Congress W.C. Banerjee
46. First Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Hiralal J. Kania
47 First person to receive Nobel Prize in Economics Amartya Sen
First in India (Female)
S.No. Designation Name
1. First Woman Speaker of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar (2009)
2. India’s First Woman President Pratiba Patil
3. India’s First Woman IPS Officer Kiran Bedi
4. First Woman Chief Minister of State Sucheta Kripalani
5. India’s First Woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
6. India’s First Woman Governor Sarojini Naidu
7. First Woman Union Minister Rajkumari Amrita Kaur
8. First Woman President of INC Annie Besant
9. First Indian Woman Ambassador at UN Vijalakshmi Pandit
10. First Indian woman who reached Antarctica Mahel Musa
11. First Woman Judge of Supreme Court Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi
12. First Woman to get Ashok Chakra Nirja Bhanot
13. First Indian Woman to get Nobel Prize Mother Teresa
14. First Indian Woman to swim across English Channel Arati Saha
15. First Indian Woman to climb Mt Everest Bachendri Pal
16. First Indian Woman to become Miss World Miss Reita Faria
17. First Indian Woman to climb Mt Everest twice Santhosh Yadhav
18. First Indian Woman to become Miss Universe Susmita Sen
19. First Indian Woman to get Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi
20. First Indian Woman to win Gold in Asian Games Kamaljeet Sandhu
21. First Indian Woman President of INC Sarojini Naidu
22. First Indian Woman to Booker Prize Arundhati Roy
23. First Woman Musician to get Bharat Ratna MS Subbalakshmi
24. First Indian Woman to go to space Kalpana Chawla
25. First Indian Woman to get Jnanpith Award Ashapurna Devi
26. First Indian Woman to win WTA Title Sania Mirza
27. First Indian Woman Airline Pilot Durga Banerjee


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