Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit
Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit: Central Processing Unit is the main part of the computer, which is also called processing device or brain of the computer.

C.P.U have three main parts

  • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  • Control unit
  • Memory unit

1. What is ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)?
ALU is a place in the computer system where the actual execution of instructions takes place.

2. What is control unit?
Control unit controls the entire functioning of the computer.

3. What is memory unit?
Memory unit retains unprocessed data for a long time.


Ques 1. What Is Main Function of C.P.U ?
Ans. The main function of C.P.U is to run programs and control the work of all other components like memory, keyboard, and printer etc.

Ques 2. The CPU is mainly divided into how many parts?
Ans. Three Parts

Ques 3. What is Full Form of C.P.U ?
Ans. Full Form of C.P.U is Central Processing Unit

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