100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers
100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

General Knowledge Questions And Answers

In this, Blog we Define 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers. It is very Important for All Competitive Exam Like: SSC, BANK, LDC, IA, Programmer, Etc. GK Question is Main topic for all exam.

General Knowledge Questions

Ques 1. Where did Lord Buddha attain enlightenment?
Ans. Bodhgaya

Ques 2. Who founded Arya Samaj?
Ans. Swami Dayanand

Ques 3. What is the script of Punjabi language?
Ans. Garumukhi

Ques 4. Which is the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland?
Ans. Kanyakumari

Ques 5. In which state in India does the sun rise first?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Ques 6. Which vitamin is found in lemon and orange?
Ans. Vitamin ‘C’

Ques 7. Who is Uday Shankar related to?
Ans. Dance

Ques 8. Which country invented paper?
Ans. China

Ques 9. Night blindness is caused by deficiency of which vitamin?
Ans. Vitamin A

Ques 10. Pongal is the festival of which state?
Ans. Tamil Nadu

Ques 11. Who invented television?
Ans. John Logie Baird

Ques 12. With the help of what do fish breathe?
Ans. Gills

Ques 13. Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?
Ans. Bhagat Singh

Ques 14. What holds the highest position in the three-tier Panchayati Raj system?
Ans. District Council

Ques 15. Who played the role of Gandhi in the film ‘Gandhi’?
Ans. Ben Kingsley

Ques 16. When is Teacher’s Day celebrated?
Ans. 5 September

Ques 17. Bhankra Nangal Dam is on which river?
Ans. Sutlej

Ques 18. What is the national flower of India?
Ans. Lotus

Ques 19. Dhanraj Pillai is related to which sport?
Ans. Hockey

Ques 20. United Nations Organization (U.N.O.) How many permanent members are there in the UN Security Council?
Ans. 5

Ques 21. Which place of Indus Valley Civilization is now in Pakistan?
Ans. Harappa

Ques 22. By whom was the tax called Chauth collected?
Ans. By Maratha

Ques 23. Who started the ‘Bhoodan Movement’?
Ans. Vinobha Bhave

Ques 24. Who started English education in India?
Ans. Lord Macaulay

Ques 25. Who is known as ‘Flying Sikh’?
Ans. Milkha Singh

General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Ques 26. It is the capital of Lakshadweep.
Ans. Karvati

Ques 27. Where did the Portuguese open the first trading house?
Ans. in cochin

Ques 28. At which place did Vasco da Gama land in India?
Ans. Calicut

Ques 29. Where was Vasco da Gama from?
Ans. portugal

Ques 30. Which Englishman came and presented himself in the court of Emperor Jahangir?
Ans. sir tomas roe

Ques 31. Who colonized Goa, Daman and Diwea?
Ans. by the portuguese

Ques 32. From whom did the British obtain permission to establish their first company?
Ans. from Jahangir

Ques 33. Who established the printing machine for the first time in India?
Ans. the portuguese

Ques 34. Who discovered the sea route to India?
Ans. Vasco da Gama

Ques 35. Which Peshwa had signed the Treaty of Basin with the British?
Ans. Bajirao II

Ques 36. Which Portuguese adopted ‘blue water policy’
Ans. Francisco de Almeida

Ques 37. Who is considered the founder of the Portuguese Empire in India?
Ans. alfonso de albuquerque

Ques 38. Who was the first Portuguese Governor of India?
Ans. Francisco de Almeida

Ques 39. When did the Dutch attack Goa?
Ans. in 1639

Ques 40. When did Dupleix become the French Governor of India?
Ans. in 1742

Ques 41. To whom did Jahangir give the title of ‘Khan’?
Ans. Hawkins

Ques 42. Who was the English businessman who reached Agra and Sikri?
Ans. Rolf Fitch

Ques 43. Where did the Dutch establish their first factory in 1605 AD?
Ans. Masulipatnam

Ques 44. Who were the interlopers?
Ans. Pirates as unauthorized traders

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