World Gk Questions

World Gk Questions
World Gk Questions

World Gk Questions

World Gk Questions: In this post, we share GK questions. one liner question is very important for all competitive exams. All candidates must be read this post and Learn GK Question Answer.

World Gk Question Answer

Q.1. driest place in the world
Ans: Atacama Desert Chile

Q.2. world’s tallest waterfall
Ans: Angel Falls

Q.3. world’s largest waterfall
Ans: Guaira Falls

Q.4. world’s widest waterfall
Ans: Khon Falls

Q.5. world’s largest salt water lake
Ans: Caspian Sea

Q.6. world’s largest fresh water lake
Ans: Lake Superior

Q.7. world’s deepest lake
Ans: Lake Baikal

Q.8. world’s highest altitude lake
Ans: Titicaca

Q.9. world’s largest artificial lake
Ans: Volga Lake

Q.10. world’s largest delta
Ans: Sundarbans Delta

Q.11. greatest epic of the world
Answer: Mahabharata

Q.12. world’s largest museum
Ans: American Museum of Natural History

Q.13. world’s largest zoo
Ans: Kruger National Park (The. Africa)

Q.14. biggest bird in the world
Ans: Ostrich

Q.15. smallest bird in the world
Ans: Hummingbird

Q.16. world’s largest mammal
Ans: blue whale

Q.17. largest temple in the world
Ans: Temple of Angkor Wat

Q.20. world’s largest clock tower
Ans: The Great Bell of Moscow

Q.21. world’s largest statue
Ans: Statue of Liberty

Q.22. Largest Hindu temple complex in the world
Ans: Akshardham Temple Delhi

Q.23. world’s largest mosque
Ans: Jama Masjid – Delhi

Q.24. world’s tallest mosque
Ans: Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo

Q.25. world’s largest church
Ans: Basilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)

Q.26. world’s longest railway line
Ans: Trans-Siberian line

Q.27. longest railway tunnel in the world
Ans: Seikan Railway Tunnel Japan

Q.28. world’s longest railway platform
Ans: Kharagpur P. Bengal 833

Q.29. world’s largest railway station
Ans: Grand Central Terminal New York

Q.30. busiest airport in the world
Ans: Chicago – International Airport

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