Inventions and Their Inventors

Inventions and Their Inventors
Inventions and Their Inventors

Inventions and Their Inventors

In This Blog We Define Inventions and Their Inventors List For Some Government Exams.

List of Inventors and their Inventions

S.No. Inventions Inventors Country
1. Electron M.J. Thomson England
2. Proton E. Rutherford England
3. Protran Goldstein
4. Cyclotron Lawrence USA
5. Neutron James Chadwick England
6. Uranium Martin Klaproth Germany
7. Bicycle John K. Macmillan Scotland
8. Ozone Schönbein Germany
9. Bicycle Tire John Dunlop UK
10. Motorcycle G. Daimler Germany
11. Atomic Number Henry Moseley England
12. Scooter G. bradshaw UK
13. Atomic Theory John Dalton England
14. Atomic Bomb Otto Han England
15. Radio Telegraphy G. Marconi Italy
16. Radio Dharmita Antoine Bequerel France
17. Radio Activism Henri Becquerel
18. Dynamite Alfred Nobel
19. Radium Marie Curie & Poyry France
20. P.H. Scale S. P. Sorensen
21. Nitrogen Daniel Ruther Ford England
22. Hydrogen Henry Cavendish England
23. Magnesium S. Humphrey Davy England
24. Plutonium G. T. Seaborg America
25. Photography (Paper) W. fox talbot
26. Photography (in metal) L. Danguerre, J. nipsey
27. Photography (Film) John Corbutt America
28. Inert Gas Organ Ramsey and Raleigh
29. Oxygen Carl Wilhelm Schley, Jozef Priestley Sweden (United Kingdom)
30. Thorium Berzelius
31. Railway Engine George Stephenson United Kingdom
32. Diesel Engine Rudolf Carl Diesel Germany
33. Barometer Evangelista Torcelli Italy
34. Jet Engine Sir Frank Whitley England (UK)
35. Steam Engine (Piston) Wham Newcomen Britain
36. Steam Engine (Condenser) James Watt Scotland
37. Locomotive Rail Richard Trekithick Britain
38. Television(Mechanical) JohnLogie Baird England(UK)
39. Television(Electronic) P. T. Farnsbarth America
40 Atomic Structure Neil Bohr and Rutherford


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