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History Gk QuestionsHistory Gk Questions

History Gk Questions

In this post, We share History Gk Questions. It Is an Important topic for all government exams. All Candidate Read this post. This post is very useful for all. History question asking all exams Like UPSC, SSC, SSC-CGL, Railway, Bank, Patwari Etc.

History Questions

Ques 1. By whom was ‘Brahmo Samaj’ established?
Ans. Raja Rammohan Roy

Ques 2. Who laid the foundation of Lingaraj Temple?
Ans. Yayati Kesari

Ques 3. Who started the magazine ‘The Indian Sociologist’ during the Indian freedom struggle?
Ans. Shyamji Krishna Verma

Ques 4. Who founded the Theosophical Society (1875 AD)?
Ans. Madame Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott

Ques 5. How many political parties were recognized as national parties in the first Lok Sabha elections?
Ans. 14

Ques 6. When and where did Anne Besant establish the Home Rule League?
Ans. September 1916 in Madras

Ques 7. Which institution was established by Bal Gangadhar Tilak for self-rule?
Ans. Home Rule League

Ques 8. After which year’s census will the delimitation of Lok Sabha constituencies be done?
Ans. 2026

Ques 9. On whose death did Mahatma Gandhi say, “A star has sunk from the Indian solar system”?
Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

Ques 10. In which session there was unity between the moderate party and the extreme party of Congress?
Ans. Lucknow Session (1916)

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Ques 11. Under whose leadership was the Gadar Party formed?
Ans. Lala Hardyal

Ques 12. Who called Bal Gangadhar Tilak the ‘father of Indian discontent’?
Ans. Valentine Chirol

Ques 13. Which great man is called ‘Iron Man’?
Ans. Sardar Patel

Ques 14. In which state is Jagannath Temple located?
Ans. Odisha

Ques 15. During which movement was Bal Gangadhar Tilak given the title of Lokmanya?
Ans. Home Rule Movement

Ques 16. Whose gathering did Jaydev decorate?
Ans. Laxman Sen

Ques 17. Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement?
Ans. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Ques 18. Where was the capital of Pandya Empire?
Ans. Madurai

Ques 19. Where was the capital of Yadav emperors?
Ans. Devgiri

Ques 20. Where is Vijay Stambh located?
Ans. Chittorgarh

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