Historical Events Of India (ऐतिहासिक घटनाएं)

Historical Events Of India
Historical Events

Historical Events Of India

In this post, we share Historical Events Of India. This is an important topic for all exams. All candidates must read this post and learn about Historical Events.

Historical Events Of India

Before Christ (B.C.)

2500-1800: Indus Valley Civilization.
599: Birth of Mahavira; Nirvana was attained in 523 BCE.
563: Birth of Gautam Buddha, attained nirvana in 483 BC.
327-26: Alexander’s discovery of India and the beginning of the land route between Europe and India.
269-232: The Age of Ashoka in India.
261: Battle of Kalinga.
57: Beginning of Vikram period.
30: The beginning of the Satavahana dynasty in the Deccan. and the rule of the Pandyas in the south.

Anno Domini (A.D.)

78: Beginning of the Saka period.
320: Beginning of the Gupta period.
360: Samudragupta conquered the whole of North India and most of the Deccan.
380-413: The reign of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, the period of Kalidasa, and the revival of Hinduism.
606-647: Reign of Harshavardhana.
629-645: Hiuen Tsang arrives in India.
622: Beginning of Hijri period.
712: Arab invasion of Sindh by Muhammad bin Qasim.
1025: Somnath temple was looted by Mahmud.
1191: First Battle of Tarain between Prithviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori.
1192: Second Battle of Tarain in which Prithviraj Chauhan is defeated by Muhammad Ghori.
1206: Establishment of slave dynasty by Qutbuddin Aibak.
1329: The first Indian diocese was established by Pope John Eichich and Jordanus was appointed the first bishop.
1459: Sun City, Jodhpur, India was founded by Rao Jodha.
1497: Vasco da Gama traveled to India.
1498: Arrival of Vasco da Gama at Calicut, India.

Anno Domini (Part – II)

1502: Beginning of Vasco da Gama’s second voyage to India from Lisbon, Portugal.
1565: Battle of Talikota. The destruction of the Vijayanagara army by the Muslims.
1575: The Mughal emperor Akbar defeated the Bengal army in the Battle of Tukroi.
1597: Dutch East India Company ships sail to the Far East.
1602: Establishment of the United Dutch East Indian Company (VOC).
1608: The arrival of the first English Defense Army on the coast of Surat.
1612: War between the British and the Portuguese in Surat, India.
1621: The Dutch West India Company gets the rule of New Netherlands.
1633: War of the Ming dynasty with the Dutch East India Company in which the Ming dynasty wins.
1639: Creation of Silver Land by the British East India Company for the local Nayak rulers.
1641: Conquest of the city of Malacca by the United East Indian Company.

Anno Domini (Part – III)

1641: “So Paulo de Loanda” had been won by the West India Company.
1658: Dutch army captures Harbor city in India.
1668: England’s rule over Bombay.
1668: Isat of Bombay was handed over to the India Company by Charles II.
1690: Establishment of the city of Calcutta by Job Charnock.
1739: The Battle of Karnal was fought between the Iranian emperor Nadir Shah and the defeat of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah.
1739: Nadir Shah captured Delhi, India.
1752: Surrender of the French army to the British army at Trichinpalli.
1756: British army defeated by Indian rebels.
1756: British Army captures Fulta in India under the leadership of Robert Clive.
1757: British Army captures Calcutta.
1756: War of France and India: Kittanning Campaign.
1757: War begins at Rossbach.
1760: Battle of Vandevash. The defeat of France by the British Army.

Anno Domini (Part – IV)

1761: Battle of Panipat. The defeat of Maharana Pratap by the Afghan army.
1786: Charles Cornwallis was appointed Governor-General of India.
1795: Battle of Kuala. The defeat of the Mughals by the Maharana.
1798: Treaty signed between England and the Nizam of Hyderabad.
1803: Battle of Assaye. The defeat of the Maratha Army by the British-Indian Army.
1839: Captured by the British East India Company.
1846: Battle of Aliwal, the defeat of Sikhs in Punjab by British forces.
1846: Battle of Sobraon: Sikhs defeated by British forces. This was the first Sikh war in India.
1853: The first passenger train starting in India, this train was run from Bombay to Thane.
1866: Establishment of Allahabad High Court.
1892: Dadabhai Noroji was elected to the British Parliament as the first Indian member.
1905: Partition of Bengal.
1914: Beginning of World War I.
1925: Establishment of Communist Party of India.

ऐतिहासिक घटनाएं

1929: The first non-stop air journey starts from England to India.
1932: Establishment of the Indian Air Force.
1936: recognition of Orissa as a province of British India.
1939: Establishment of All India Forward Bloc by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
1944: Jessamy East India defeat by the Japanese forces.
1947: India’s independence from British rule.
1947: Lord Mountbatten was appointed the last Viceroy of India.
1948: Lord Mountbatten resigns as the Governor-General of India.
1947: Declaration of Radcliffe Line between India and Pakistan.
1950: India was established as a republic.

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