Gk Question Answer In English

Gk Question Answer In English
Gk Question Answer In English

Gk Question Answer In English

Gk Question Answer In English: In this post, we share GK questions. General Knowledge Questions With Answers In English is very important for all competitive exams. All candidates must be read this post and Learn GK Question Answer.

GK Questions In English

Ques 1. When did Madhavrao Narayan become Peshwa? = In 1761
Ques 2. When did Guru Gobind Singh lay the foundation of Khalsa Panth? = In 1699 AD

Ques 3. Which Guru helped the rebel Mughal prince with money and mind? = Guru Arjun Dev
Ques 4. In whose time did the Sayyid brothers fall? = Muhammad Shah

Ques 5. With whose help did Farrukhsiyar become the Mughal emperor? = Syed brothers
Ques 6. Which Iranian ruler who invaded India is called ‘Napoleon of Iran’? = To Nadir Shah

Ques 7. The ruler of which state was called ‘Nawab Wazir’? = Ruler of Awadh
Ques 8. Who did the adjustment of ‘Adigranth’? = Guru Arjun Dev

Ques 9. Of which substance is the pearl mainly made? = Calcium Carbonate
Ques 10. Where is the capital of Bangladesh? = Dhaka

Ques 11. In which country did the rickshaw run for the first time? =Japan
Ques 12. Where is the Wankhede Stadium situated? = Mumbai

Ques 13. Who is called the jewel of Karnataka? = Mysore
Ques 14. Which was the first Sultan who started giving salary to soldiers instead of Iqta? = Alauddin Khilji

Ques 15. Which two religions believe that the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnation are true? = Jainism and Buddhism
Ques 16. Where was the resident of Pandit Ganga Bhatt who performed the coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji? = Banaras

Ques 17. The courtesan named Lal Kunwar was very influential in the administration of which Mughal ruler? ➺ Bahadur Shah I
Ques 18. Which Sikh Guru was accused of helping Khusrau in his rebellion against Jahangir? ➺ Guru Arjun Dev

Ques 19. “Mahabhashya” written by Patanjali is a commentary on which of the following books? ➺ Ashtadhyayi
Ques 20. Dadasaheb Phalke Award is given by which ministry? ➺ Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

General Knowledge Question 

Ques 21. Which type of tissue acts as a protective shield of the body? ➺ Epithelium tissue
Ques 22. Which scientist first melted two pieces of ice by rubbing them together? ➺ Davy

Ques 23. Which produces the highest intensity sound? ➺ Tiger
Ques 24. Which part of the Sun is visible during a solar eclipse? ➺ Crown

Ques 25. Who is the inventor of ‘typewriter’ (typing machine)? ➺ Shoals
Ques 26. What is vinegar called in Latin language? ➺ Such Tum

Ques 27. Which is used to remove rust stains from clothes? ➺ Oxalic Acid
Ques 28. What causes ‘red rot disease’ in sugarcane? ➺ by fungi

Ques 29. What is the botanical name of mango? ➺ Mangifera Indica
Ques 30. Who discovered the blood group? ➺ Lead Stainer

Ques 31. Which is the noble gas used for the treatment of cancer? ➺ Radon Gas
Ques 32. Which is the gas that usually explodes in a coal mine? ➺ Methane

Ques 33. What is the percentage of agriculture in developing countries? ➺ 60%
Ques 34. How much revenue was collected at the time of Shivaji? ➺ 33% of land revenue

Ques 35. Who got the ‘Jama Masjid of Agra’ constructed? ➺ Jahanara
Ques 36. Which Sikh Guru wrote Zafarnama in Persian language? ➺ Guru Gobind Singh

Ques 37. Which Sikh Guru wrote the biography of Guru Nanak? ➺ Guru Arjun Dev
Ques 38. Who was the Nawab of Bengal during the reign of Aurangzeb? ➺ Murshid Quli Khan

Ques 39. Where are the Khajuraho temples located? ➺ Madhya Pradesh
Ques 40. Where is Bara Imambara located? ➺ Lucknow

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