Geography Questions For SSC – CGL

geography question
geography question for SSC - CGL

Geography Questions For SSC – CGL

In this post, We share about geographical questions. Geography questions is most important for competitive exam.Geography questions for upsc , Ssc and many more exam asking question in this topic. Geography questions and answers for competitive exams.

Question and Answer of Geography

Ques 1. Who among the following was the first person to determine the Circumference of the Earth?
[D]Ptolemy III Euergetes

[C] Eratosthenes

Ques 2. The Bayyaram mines area, which was recently in news, is located in __?
[A]Andhra Pradesh
[C]Tamil Nadu
[D]Madhya Pradesh

[A] Andhra Pradesh

Ques 3. Which of the following states is the only diamond producing state in India?
[C]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Uttar Pradesh

[C] Madhya Pradesh

Ques 4. Which one of the following islands is called as ‘rust belt’ of Japan ?
[A]Northern Honshu
[B]Shikoku Islands
[C]Kyushu Islands
[D]Southern Honshu

[B] Shikoku Islands

Ques 5. Which among the following a line or surface drawn on a map or chart indicates connected points of equal salinity in the ocean?

[B] Isohaline

Ques 6. People of which among the following countries are also known as Magyars?
[C]Hong Kong

[A] Hungary

Ques 7. Which among the following can best define the Neolithic Revolution ?
[A]Green Revolution
[B]Technology Revolution
[C]Milk Revolution
[D]Agricultural Revolution

[D] Agricultural Revolution

Ques 8. Which among the following mineral is a carbonate of calcium and magnesium?

[C] Dolomite

Ques 9. What among the following is a partially enclosed body of water along the coast where freshwater from rivers and streams meets and mixes with salt water from the ocean ?
[C]Tidal bore

[A] Estuary

Ques 10. The ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor in an air-water mixture to the saturated vapor pressure of water at a given temperature is termed as:
[A]Relative Humidity
[B]Absolute humidity
[C]Specific Humidity
[D]None of the above

[A] Relative Humidity



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