Establishment of Organization

Establishment of Organization
Establishment of Organization

Establishment of Organization

Establishment of Organization: You can anticipate answering one or two Establishment of Organization questions if you are studying for any Government Exam.

Questions On Establishment of Organization

Ques 1. ‘SAARC’ When was SAARC established?
Ans. 1985 kathmandu(Nepal)

Ques 2. When was ‘IMF’ International Monetary Fund established?
Ans. 1944

Ques 3. ‘ASEAN’ When was ASEAN established?
Ans. 1967

Ques 4. ‘OPEC’ When was OPEC established?
Ans. 1960

Ques 5. ‘NATO’ When was NATO established?
Ans. 1949

Ques 6. ‘BRICS’ When was BRICS established?
Ans. 2006 shanghai (China)

Ques 7. When was ‘SCO’ Shanghai Cooperation Organization formed?
Ans. 1996 Beijing (China)

Ques 8. ‘BIMSTEC’ When was BIMSTEC established?
Ans. 1997(Dhaka Bangladesh)

Ques 9. When was G-7 established?
Ans. 1975

Ques 10. When was G-20 established?
Ans. 1999

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