Current Affairs Daily : 17 July 2021

Current Affairs Daily
Current Affairs Daily 17 July 2021

Current Affairs Daily

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 Current Affairs 17 July 2021

Ques 1. The country’s first ‘Grain ATM’ has been establish as a pilot project?
Ans. Gurugram (Haryana)

Ques 2. Gautam Adani’s Adani Group has completed the acquisition of which airport?
Ans. Mumbai International Airport

Ques 3. The company developed the New Shepard launch system, which has received flight approval from?
Ans. blue origin

Ques 4. Which space agency has successfully conducted the third long-duration hot test of the liquidchid propellant development engine?

Ques 5. Who has launched an application for Grievance Management powered by Artificial Intelligence in New Delhi?
Ans. Rajnath Singh

Ques 6. The Union Cabinet has approved the agreement between India and which country on cooperation in coking coal?
Ans. Russia

Ques 7. How many years of Skill India Mission has been complete?
Ans. 6 years

Ques 8. Who has been made the leader of the house in the Rajya Sabha just before the monsoon session by the Modi government?
Ans. Piyush Goyal

Ques 9. Who has started the nationwide campaign “Safe Van, Dhan and Udyam with Kovid Vaccine” through virtual medium?
Ans. Arjun Munda

Ques 10. Delhi government has partnered with which company to endue real-time information about buses to the passengers?
Ans. Google

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