Biology Questions

Biology Questions
Biology Questions

Biology Questions

Biology Questions: In this post we share about 8th class biology question. All Competitive Exams asking question related to this topic. It is a most Important topic for All exams. This post is also useful for biology questions.


Ques 1. When sound waves travel, they carry with them?
Ans. Energy

Ques 2. Which part of the Sun is visible at the time of solar eclipse?
Ans. Crown

Ques 3. How many colors are there in the sun’s rays?
Ans. 7

Ques 4. Who is the inventor of ‘Typewriter’ (Typing Machine)?
Ans. Shoals

Ques 5. What is vinegar called in Latin language?
Ans. Acetam

Ques 6. Used to remove rust stains from clothes.
Ans. Oxalic acid

Ques 7. Which color scatters more in rainbow?
Ans. Red color

Ques 8. Who invented television?
Ans. J. l. Baird

Ques 9. Why does diamond appear shiny?
Ans. Due to collective internal reflection

Ques 10. What is mainly found in ‘Gobar Gas’?
Ans. Methane

Ques 11. With which instrument is the purity of milk measured?
Ans. Lactometer

Ques 12. Which of the following diets provides nutrients for the growth of new tissues in the human body?
Ans. Paneer

Ques 13. Which of the following is a flying lizard?
Ans. Draco

Ques 14. Which is the only snake that makes a nest?
Ans. King Cobra

Ques 15. Accumulation of which acid in muscles causes fatigue?
Ans. Lactic acid

Ques 16. Which acid is found in grapes?
Ans. Tartaric acid

Ques 17. Which is the longest cell in the human body?
Ans. Nerve cell

Ques 18. Of which substance are teeth mainly made?
Ans. Of dentine

Ques 19. Which animal’s shape is like a slipper?
Ans. Paramecium

Ques 20. What is the botanical name of mango?
Ans. Mangifera Indica

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