20 March 2023 Current Affairs

20 March 2023 Current Affairs
20 March 2023 Current Affairs

Current Affairs

20 March 2023 Current Affairs: we share daily updated Current Affairs. This topic is an essential part of all competitive exams. Read this post carefully. Most questions Are related to this Topic in Exams.

Current Affairs 20 March 2023 

Ques 1. When is Global Recycling Day observed?
Ans. March 18

Ques 2. In which state for the first time electric locomotive run trains will run?
Ans. Meghalaya

Ques 3. Which country will be the first NATO member to give fighter jets to Ukraine?
Ans. Poland

Ques 4. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced the formation of how many new districts in Pardes –
Ans. 19

Ques 5. Which country has dropped out of the list of least developed countries?
Ans. Bhutan

Ques 6. At which railway station, the first of its kind Trans Tea Stall was set up by the Railways?
Ans. Guwahati Railway Station

Ques 7. Which country is the first NATO country to provide fighter jets to Ukraine?
Ans. North Poland

Ques 8. When will satellite communication company ‘Oneweb launch 36 satellites from ISRO’s rocket?
Ans. 26 March 2023

Ques 9. Lalit Kumar, who won the gold medal in the 63rd National Taekwondo Competition, belongs to which district?
Ans. Bharatpur

Ques 10. India and which country have released a joint commemorative postage stamp?
Ans. Luxembourg

Ques 11. Which NATO member country will give MiG-29 fighter aircraft to Ukraine?
Ans. Poland

Ques 12. India and which country has recently inaugurated the ‘Geoffrey Bawa exhibition in New Delhi?
Ans. Sri Lanka.

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