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12 April 2023 Current Affairs12 April 2023 Current Affairs

Current Affairs

12 April 2023 Current Affairs: we share daily updated Current Affairs. This topic is an essential part of all competitive exams. Read this post carefully. Most questions Are related to this Topic in Exams.

Current Affairs 12 April 2023 

Ques 1. When is World Autism Awareness Day observed?
Ans. April 02

Ques 2. Which cricketer made the record of hitting 5 consecutive sixes in 5 balls in the history of IPL?
Ans. Rinku Singh

Ques 3. The Guwahati Tea Auction Center announced to organize a long-term event on 9th April 2023 to celebrate the completion of how many years of Assam tea?
Ans. 200 years

Ques 4. Who has recently become the fastest player to score 6000 runs in IPL?
Ans. David Warner

Ques 5. Which state government’s Taan-Rich initiative will soon use 80+approved helipads?
Ans. Tamil Nadu

Ques 6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched the International Big Cats Alliance (IBCA) to save how many big cat species?
Ans. 7

Ques 7. In which district of Uttar Pradesh, the world’s first Asian King Vulture Conservation Center has been set up recently?
Ans. Maharajganj.

Ques 8. RBI has imposed a fine of 55 lakhs on which bank?
Ans. Indian Bank

Ques 9. By what percent has the GST revenue collection increased to Rs 1.60 lakh crore in ‘March 2023’?
Ans. 13%

Ques 10. How long has the Stand Up India scheme been extended?
Ans. By 2025

Ques 11. Who has won his maiden Tour title by defeating Magnus Johansson of Denmark in the final of Orleans Masters 2023 in France?
Ans. Priyanshu Rajawat

Ques 12. Who has inaugurated ‘Tulip Garden’ in Jammu?
Ans. Manoj Sinha.

Ques 13. Which country has tested the underwater nuclear attack drone HANDLE-2?
Ans. North Korea

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