Sobriquets and Famous Places in India

Sobriquets and Famous Places in India
Sobriquets and Famous Places in India

Sobriquets and Famous Places in India

Sobriquets and Famous Places in India: In this Post we Share Sobriquets of famous Places. Some Exams Asking Question Related to this topic.

List Of Sobriquets and Famous Places in India

S.No. Sobriquets Places
1. Boston of India Ahmedabad
2. Abode of the God Allahabad
3. Sangam City Allahabad
4. City of Prime Ministers Allahabad
5. Golden City Amritsar
6. Granary Of South India Andhra Pradesh
7. Indian Hawana Andhra Pradesh
8. Land of Black Diamond Asansol(West Bengal)
9. Tea Garden Assam
10. Salt Bahvnagar — Gujarat
11. Coffee Board Banglore
12. Silk Banglore
13. Coffee Banglore ( Chikmagalur )
14. Royal Heritage City Bardhaman(West Bengal)
15. City of Peace Bardhaman(west Bengal)
16. Electronic City of India Bengaluru
17. Silicon Valley of India Bengaluru
18. Space City Bengaluru
19. IT Capital of India Bengaluru
20. The Silk City of India Bhagalpur(Bihar)
21. Temple City of India Bhubaneswar(Odisha)
22. The City Beautiful Chandigarh
23. Detroit of Asia Chennai
24. Health Capital of India Chennai
25. Textile City of south India Coimbatore
26. Scotland of India Coorg(Karnataka)
27. White Gold Cotton
28. The Queen of the Hills Darjeeling(West Bengal)
29. The Coal Capital of India Dhanbad(Jharkhand)
30. Tea City of India Dibrugarh(Assam)
31. Ruhr of India Durgapur(west Bengal)
32. Eco-polite city Gandhinagar
33. Tobacco Board Guntur
34. City of Scindia Gwalior
35. Historical Capital of MP Gwalior
36. City of Kings Gwalior
37. Gateway of Madhya Pradesh Gwalior(Madhya Pradesh)
38. HITECH City Hyderabad
39. City of Pearls Hyderabad
40. Pink City Jaipur
41. Paris of India Jaipur
42. Golden City of India Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
43. Steel City of India Jamshedpur(Jharkhand)
44. Pittsburgh ofIndia, for being rich in minerals Jamshedpur(Jharkhand)
45. Blue City Jodhpur(Rajasthan)
46. Sun City Jodhpur(Rajasthan)
47. Ground Nut Junagad – Gujarat
48. Golden Fiber Jute


49. Leather City of the World Kanpur
50. Spice Board Kochin
51. Tea Board Kolkata
52. Rubber Board Kottyyam
53. Green City Mysore
54. Cotton Nagapur
55. Blue Mountains Nilgiri
56. Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills
57. City of Weavers Panipat(Haryana)
58. City of Handloom Panipat(Haryana)
59. King Of Spice Pepper
60. Granary Of India Punjab
61. Cultural City Rajahmundry(Andhra Pradesh)
62. Bengal’s Sorrow River Damodar
63. Scotland of East Shillong(Meghalaya)
64. Diamond City Of India Surat
65. Textile city Of India Surat
66. Evergreen City of India Thiruvananthapuram
67. God’s Own Land Thiruvananthapuram
68. Venice of the East Udaipur
69. Sugar Bowl Uttar Pradesh
70. The Place of Victory Vijayawada

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