Science Questions And Answers

Science Questions And Answers
Science Questions And Answers

Science Questions And Answers

Science Questions And Answers: In this post, We share about Science Questions And Answer. General Science questions is most important for competitive exam. Science General Knowledge questions for UPSC  and many more exam asking question in this topic. Question with Answer for Learn Science.

Science Quiz Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is one type of carrot?
Ans. Root

Ques 2. Onion is a modified form of?
Ans. of stem

Ques 3. From which part do roots develop?
Ans. from the root

Ques 4. Bleaching powder is-
Ans. compound

Ques 5. In cold countries, aquatic animals remain alive even after the lakes freeze, because-
Ans. Water under ice is at 4° C

Ques 6. Force product is?
Ans. mass and acceleration

Ques 7. The main component of honey is?
Ans. fructose

Ques 8. Vitamin ‘A’ is stored in the human body?
Ans. liver

Ques 9. The best source of Vitamin C is?
Ans. Amla

Ques 10. Which of the following minerals is necessary to control heart beat?
Ans. Potassium

Ques 11. What is present in maximum quantity in spinach leaves?
Ans. Iron

Ques 12. Who discovered penicillin?
Ans. by alexander fleming

Ques 13. What are lichens indicative of?
Ans. air pollution

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