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Science General Knowledge QuestionsScience General Knowledge Questions

Science General Knowledge Questions

In this post, We share about Science General Knowledge Questions. Science questions is most important for competitive exam. Science GK questions for UPSC  and many more exam asking question in this topic. Question with Answer for Learn Science.

Science General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Ques 1. Give three examples of diffusion of gases?
Ans. Fragrance of food, fragrance of incense sticks and smell of perfume.

Ques 2. With the help of what is the purity of metal determined?
Ans. Archimedes’ principle

Ques 3. Which part of the eye determines eye color?
Ans. Iris

Ques 4. What effect does increasing altitude have on atmospheric pressure?
Ans. Atmospheric pressure decreases

Ques 5. Between what is the heating filament ‘nichrome’ of the electric press kept?
Ans. Mica

Ques 6. Who first measured the speed of light?
Ans. Romer

Ques 7. How many isotopes of hydrogen are there?
Ans. Three (Protium, Deuterium and Tritium)

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