Reserve Bank Of India

Reserve Bank

Reserve Bank Of India

Reserve Bank of India known as RBI controls the issuance and supply of those Indian rupee from the country. RBI also controlled financial policy until 2016 in India. Money of Reserve Bank of India is Indian rupee $ (Rupee sign).


Reserve Bank of India has been set up in 1 April 1935 In accord with the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Currently Shri Shaktikanta Das is RBI Governor of India Since 12 December 2018.

Headquarter of RBI reaches Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Official website of RBI is

RBI is also known as banker’s bank. It functions as a principal bank in which commercial banks are account holders and may deposit money into RBI. RBI has four regional representations: East- Kolkata , West in Mumbai, North- New Delhi, South at Chennai, .

Reserve Bank Of India: Objective

Objective of RBI would be to tackle consolidated oversight of the financial industry Comprising commercial banks, financial institutions, and non-banking fund companies. It is the only body who’s authorized to issue currency in India. RBI works as a representative of Government of India for distributing and managing of coins and one rupee notes are minted by Government of India.

he main objectives of RBI would be to supervise and undertake initiatives to the financial sector composed of industrial banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs).

Some key projects are:

  1. Restructuring bank inspections
  2. Fortifying the role of statutory auditors from the banking system


Payment Method Initiatives

The RBI has taken several steps towards initiating and upgrading sustainable and secure procedures of payment methods in India to meet public requirements.

RBI : Launched

The RBI Bank’s operations are regulated by a central board of supervisors, RBI is about the entire operate using a 21-member central board of supervisors made by the Government of India in accordance with the RBI Act.



The Central board of directors include of:

Official Directors — The governor Who’s appointed/nominated for a period of four years combined with four Deputy Governors
Non-Official Directors — Ten Directors from various areas and two authorities Official.

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