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Rajasthan History
History of Rajasthan

Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History : In this post we share about History of Rajasthan. It is a important topic of Rajasthan GK. Many exam asking question related to this question.


Que 1. To whom did Akbar entrusted the Jodhpur fort during his 1570 AD to Nagaur visit?

Ans: Raisingh (Bikaner)

Explanation : 1570 AD. The purpose of Akbar’s visit to Nagaur organized in AD was to bring the remaining kings of Rajputana under subjugation and to assess the potential of Rajput power.
Akbar stayed in Nagaur for a year and got the ‘Shukra Talab’ construct here.
In the Nagaur court set up at the time of this journey, Har Rai Bhati of Jaisalmer, Kalyanmal of Bikaner (with his son Rai Singh) and Mota Raja Udai Singh (elder brother of Chandrasen) of Marwar accepted Akbar’s submission.
Chandrasen also came with his son in the Nagaur court, but seeing the condition of the court, he left, so Akbar appointed Rai Singh, the prince of Bikaner, as the governor of Jodhpur and put him behind Chandrasen.
Because of not accepting the subordination of Akbar, Chandrasen had to run here and there continuously and finally in 1581 AD He died in

Ques 2. The king of Amber, who participated in the battle of Khanwa on behalf of Rana Sanga and came back and divide the kingdom of Amber into 12 sons, who were called Kotdia?

Ans : Prithviraj

Explanation : Amber king Prithviraj was a contemporary of Rana Sanga of Mewar.
The name of Prithviraj’s guru was ‘Chaturnath’.
During the time of Prithviraj, Krishnadas Payhari established Ramanuja Sampradaya Peeth in Galtaji.
Prithviraj’s queen ‘Valabai’ got the ‘Laxminarayan Mandir’ built in Amber.
Prithviraj’s son Sanga had established Sanganer town near Amber.

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Ques 3. 1657 AD. From which Maharana of Mewar did Aurangzeb unsuccessfully try to get help in the Mughal-succession struggle?

Ans : Raj Singh

Explanation : In the Mughal-succession struggle, both Aurangzeb and Dara wrote letters to Maharana Raj Singh for help.
Maharana Raj Singh, while answering these letters very sweetly, refused help, due to which he maintained good relations with Aurangzeb in the course of time.
1679 AD by Aurangzeb Maharana Raj Singh opposed the imposition of Jizya tax.

Ques 4. The ruler of Rajputana, who was born in Vikram Samvat 1597 and died in 1597 AD. happened in ?

Ans : Rana Pratap

Explanation : According to Nancy Ri Khayat, Pratap was born on Vikram Samvat 1597.
Rana Pratap was injured by breaking the string while tying a bow in Chavand and in 1597 AD  He died in

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