Questions on Mahatma Gandhi With Answers

Questions on Mahatma Gandhi With Answers
Questions on Mahatma Gandhi With Answers

Questions on Mahatma Gandhi With Answers

Questions on Mahatma Gandhi With Answers: In this blog, we Define Questions related Mahatma Gandhi.  Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2 October and 2 October is a National Holiday.

Questions on Mahatma Gandhi

Ques 1. What did Gandhiji call ‘post dated cheque’?
Ans. Cripps Mission (1942)

Ques 2. Who called Gandhiji a Mahatma?
Ans. Tagore

Ques 3. Who was Gandhiji’s political guru?
Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Ques 4. When did Gandhiji publish ‘Hind Swaraj’?
Ans. In 1908

Ques 5. Who gave the title of ‘Abhay Sadak’ to Baba Amte?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Ques 6. Which period in the Indian freedom struggle is considered as the ‘Gandhi era’?
Ans. 1915 – 1948

Ques 7. Where was Gandhiji’s third Satyagraha in India?
Ans. Kheda Satyagraha

Ques 8. Where is Wardha Ashram located?
Ans. In Maharashtra

Ques 9. When did Gandhiji start the weekly Harijan?
Ans. 1933

Ques 10. Gandhiji called Subhash Chandra Bose __?
Ans. patriot

Ques 11. Who called Gandhiji a half-naked fakir?
Ans. Winston Churchill

Ques 12. Who founded the Satyagraha Sabha?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Ques 13. Who was made Gandhiji’s secretary after the handover of Mahadev Desai?
Ans. Pyarelal

Ques 14. What was the real name of Meera Behan, a follower of Gandhiji?
Ans. Madeleine Slade

Ques 15. Who compared Gandhi’s Dandi March with Shri Ram’s mythological journey to Lanka?
Ans. Motilal Nehru

Ques 16. Who is the spiritual guru of Gandhi?
Ans. Leo Tolstoy

Ques 17. When was Gandhiji assassinated?
Ans. Nathuram Vinayak Godse on 30 January 1948

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