Gravitation Question and Answer

Gravitation Question And Answer

Gravitation Question and Answer

In this post, we share some question’s about gravitation. This topic is most important topic for all student and also a topic of general knowledge . Some exams asking question in this topic.


Ques 1. The period of artificial geostationary satellite is.
Ans :

24 hours

Ques 2. If the mass of the earth is not changed and its radius decreased by 1% then the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth would be .
Ans :

Increase by 2 %


Ques 3. When satellite orbits close to a planet, its time period depends upon .
Ans :

Density of the planet

Ques 4. The value of universal gravitational constant G is .
Ans :

6.673×10-11 N m2 kg-2


Ques 5. Name the world’s first artificial Satellite?
Ans :

Sputnik 1

Ques 6. When body falls towards earth its motion is due to .
Ans :

Gravitational force


Ques 7. What is the unit of the magnitude of the weight?
Ans :

Force (Newton)

Ques 8. Acceleration due to gravity decreases with:
Ans :



Ques 9. Do you know the acceleration of the moon depends upon:
Ans :

Gravitational force exerted on the moon by the Earth

Ques 10. Who said that in the universe every body exerts a gravitational force on every other body?
Ans :

Sir Isaac Newton



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