Gravitation Question and Answer

In this post, we share some question’s about gravitation. This topic is most important topic for all student and also a topic of general knowledge . Some exams asking question in this topic.


Ques 1. The period of artificial geostationary satellite is.
Ans :

24 hours

Ques 2. If the mass of the earth is not changed and its radius decreased by 1% then the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth would be .
Ans :

Increase by 2 %


Ques 3. When satellite orbits close to a planet, its time period depends upon .
Ans :

Density of the planet

Ques 4. The value of universal gravitational constant G is .
Ans :

6.673×10-11 N m2 kg-2


Ques 5. Name the world’s first artificial Satellite?
Ans :

Sputnik 1

Ques 6. When body falls towards earth its motion is due to .
Ans :

Gravitational force


Ques 7. What is the unit of the magnitude of the weight?
Ans :

Force (Newton)

Ques 8. Acceleration due to gravity decreases with:
Ans :



Ques 9. Do you know the acceleration of the moon depends upon:
Ans :

Gravitational force exerted on the moon by the Earth

Ques 10. Who said that in the universe every body exerts a gravitational force on every other body?
Ans :

Sir Isaac Newton


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