GK Questions And Answers

GK Questions And Answers
GK Questions And Answers

GK Questions And Answers

GK Questions And Answers: In this post, we share GK questions. one liner question is very important for all competitive exams. All candidates must be read this post and Learn GK Question Answer.

General Knowledge Question

Ques 1. In which state of India is ‘Vishakhapatnam’ port located?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Ques 2. United Nations Organization (U.N.O.) How many total permanent members are there in the Security Council?
Ans. 5

Ques 3. Which place of Indus Valley Civilization is in present day Pakistan?
Ans. Harappa

Ques 4. Whose work is ‘Shahnama’?
Ans. Firdausi

Ques 5. Who founded ‘Deen-e-Ilahi’?
Ans. Akbar

Ques 6. People of which religion celebrate ‘Baisakhi’ festival?
Ans. People of Sikh religion

Ques 7. Article 370 has been implemented in which state of India?
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir

Ques 8. Which river originates from Nashik in Maharashtra?
Ans. Godaveri River

Ques 9. Which national highways connect?
Ans. To business centers and state capitals

Ques 10. On which day is Teacher’s Day celebrated?
Ans. 5th September

Ques 11. Which river does not originate from the peninsular plateau?
Ans. Yamuna River

Ques 12. Where was Kabir born?
Ans. Near Lahartara Pond (Kashi)

Ques 13. Who founded Prarthana Samaj?
Ans. Atmaram Pandurang

Ques 14. Which winds are monsoon winds?
Ans. Winds of rainy season

Ques 15. Who was the actor who played the role of Gandhiji in the film ‘Gandhi’?
Ans. Ben Kingsley

Ques 16. Which ruler constructed the Grand Truck Road?
Ans. Shershah Suri

Ques 17. Ajmer is related to which Sufi saint?
Ans. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti

Ques 18. What causes air pressure?
Ans. Due to density

Ques 19. How is atmospheric pressure measured?
Ans. From barometer

Ques 20. Why is Russia’s Siberia famous all over the world?
Ans. For its extremely cold climate

General Knowledge

Ques 21. When is the Kharif crop harvested?
Ans. In the beginning of November

Ques 22. Where is Koyna Dam located?
Ans. In Maharashtra

Ques 23. What are the sea waves generated by end-ocean earthquakes called?
Ans. Tsunami

Ques 24. Where is Khyber Pass located?
Ans. Between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ques 25. Where did Kabir die
Ans. Maghar (Santkabirnagar, Uttar Pradesh)

Ques 26. Whose intensity is measured with reactor scale?
Ans. Earthquake

Ques 27. What is the national flower of India?
Ans. Lotus

Ques 28. Player Dhanraj Pillay is related to which sport?
Ans. Hockey

Ques 29. In which belt of the world do most earthquakes occur?
Ans. In the Pacific Ocean Belt

Ques 30. When was Goa liberated from the Portuguese?
Ans. In 1964

Ques 31. Where is the capital of Manipur?
Ans. Imphal

Ques 32. India is a secular country. What does this imply ?
Ans. India has no religion at the state level.

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