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Geography QuestionsGeography Questions

Geography Questions

In this post, We share about geographical questions. Geography questions is most important for competitive exam. Geography questions for upsc and many more exam asking question in this topic. Question with Answer for Learn Geography.

Geography Questions With Answer

Ques 1. Why is Earth called the blue planet?
Ans. Due to the presence of water

Ques 2. Which satellite is called a fossil planet?
Ans. To the moon

Ques 3. What is the body that revolves around the Sun called?
Ans. Planet

Ques 4. In which region is the midnight sun visible?
Ans. In the Arctic region

Ques 5. On which planet do living beings live?
Ans. Earth

Ques 6. Which is the farthest planet from the Sun?
Ans. Varun

Ques 7. What is the period of Halley Ghoomketu?
Ans. 76 years

Ques 8. How many years is the time the Sun continues to provide energy?
Ans. 1011 years

Ques 9. When is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere?
Ans. On 21st June

Ques 10. How much time does the Moon’s light take to reach the Earth?
Ans. Less than 2 seconds

Ques 11. When was the planet Pluto derecognized?
Ans. On August 24, 2006

Ques 12. How much time does the Moon take to revolve around the Earth?
Ans. 27 days 8 hours

Ques 13. What has the greatest impact in the case of ebb and flow?
Ans. Moon’s

Ques 14. Which planet emits green light?
Ans. Varun

Ques 15. How many constellations are there in space?
Ans. 89

Ques 16. What are the bodies revolving around the Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter called?
Ans. Asteroid

Ques 17. When is the Earth farthest from the Sun?
Ans. On 4th July

Ques 18. What is the central part of the Sun called?
Ans. Prakash Mandal

Ques 19. Who discovered Uranus?
Ans. Hershel

Ques 20. Which planet is called ‘God of Beauty’?
Ans. Venus

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