Food festival in the world

food festival in world
list of food festival in world

Food festival in the world

In this post, we share about Important food festival around the world . This is also a genral knowledge topic So read this post carefully.

S.No. Food Festival Name Country
1. Chinchilla Melon Festival
La Tomatina
2. Waikiki Spam Jam Hawaii
3. Battle of the Oranges Italy
4. Galway Oyster Festival Europe
5. Maine Lobster Fest USA
6. Menton Lemon Festival France
7. Bug Eating Festival America
8. Savour Singapore
9. Wildfoods Festival New Zealand
10. Taste Festival Ireland
11. Alba White Truffle Festival Taste Festival Italy
12. Galway Oyster & Seafood Festival Ireland
13. Gilroy Garlic Festival United States
14. Grillstock UK
15. Hatch Chile Festival United States
16. Vegetarian Festival Thailand
17. Potato Festival Sweden
18. Pancake Festival Russia
19. Orange Festival Poland
20. Onion Eating Festival Spain
21. Monkey Buffet Festival Thailand
22. Oktoberfest Germany
23. Abergavenny Food Festival UK
24. Chocolate Festival UK
25. Baltic Herring Festival Finland
26. International Mango Festival New Delhi, India
27. Mooncake Festival China
28. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Australia

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