Confusing Words In English

Confusing Words In English
Confusing Words In English

Confusing Words In English

Confusing Words In English: In This, Blog we Define about English Confusing words. Below we define some most commonly confusing words.

Commonly Confusing Words In English

1. Principal & Principle

Principal = मुख्य अध्यापक
Sentence – He is the Principal of this college.

Principle = नियमानुसार रहने वाला
Sentence – He is a man of principle.

2. Rite & Right

Rite = रस्म
Sentence – His last rites will be performed today.

Right = अधिकार
Sentence – Freedom is our birth right.

3. Stationary & Stationery

Stationary = स्थिर
Sentence – The earth is not stationary.

Stationery = लिखने का सामान
Sentence – It is a stationery shop.

4. Stop & Stay

Stop = रुकना
Sentence – Stop him from further movement.

Stay = ठहरना
Sentence – Will you stay with me?

5. Peace & Piece

Peace = शांति
Sentence – I want peace.

Piece = टुकड़ा
Sentence – A piece of bread must be given to the hungry man.

6. Respectable & Respectful

Respectable = माननीय कुल
Sentence – He belongs to respectable family.

Respectful = आदर सहित
Sentence – Respectfully I beg to say that I want four days leave.

7. Swim & Float

Swim = तैरना
Sentence – I swim two hours daily.

Float = तैरना
Sentence – Wood floats in water.

8. Popular & Populous

Popular = सर्वप्रिय
Sentence – He is a popular teacher.

Populous = घनी आबादी वाला
Sentence – Kolkata is a populous city.

9. Steal & Steel

Steal = चुराना
Sentence – Do not steal anything.

Steel = फौलाद
Sentence – My knife in made of steel.

10. Roof & Ceiling

Roof = छत
Sentence – They are sitting on the roof.

Ceiling = छत के अदर का हिस्सा
Sentence – The Ceiling of your room is quite decorative.

11. Sensible & Sensitive

Sensible = समझदार
Sentence – He is a sensible boy.

Sensitive = जिस पर शीघ्र असर हो जाए
Sentence – Do not say anything to him, he is very sensitive.

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