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British Rule In India
British Rule

British Rule In India

In this post, we share about British Rule In India. which is an important part of GK. In this post, we share also the impact of British rule in India.


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British Rule In India

The British had firmly established their standing by the middle of the nineteenth century and a large portion of India came under their direct rule. The areas that remained separate were indirectly under British sway. There are various reasons for the achievement of the British principle against Indian rulers and a Number of Them are recorded as follows:

Vacuum of strength : There was a vacuum of power in India following the Mughal Empire got fractured falling under its own weight. Its various governors and rebel commanders based their superiority at different places and started fighting each other. This gave the British the chance to establish their trading posts in India.



British were powerful at sea : The British arrived through the sea; they established their naval power from the Indian Ocean before coming into the Indian mainland. Because none of the Indian states had a powerful navy to challenge the British supremacy, they had a simple run to set themselves from the coastal regions of India.

Lack of unity among Indian nations – Although there were strong Indian states like Punjab, Mysore, along with the Marathas that ruled the Indian subcontinent throughout the mid-19th century, many of them were fighting with each other for different purpose. They failed to comprehend the threat arising out of the East India Company and couldn’t unite against a common foreign enemy.

Technological and Army excellence: The Indian armies were poorly trained and poorly compensated wasn’t any match for the disciplined and well-trained British forces. The Indians were backward too.

The British army was a lot and proceeded much faster under unified control. The British would retaliate whether their trading fort was assaulted by a few overconfident governors or princes.
In comparison, the British had a technological army and transport excellence over Indians. The British had developed innovative techniques of warfare that were unknown to Indians. It was with the support of their Indian soldiers, the British had been able to capture most of India.

Divide & Rule: The British took advantage of the deep division of Indian, societal, political, and financial arrangement. They adopted the policy of divide and Rule,’ coverage, and played one nation against another. Slowly many Indian states had fallen victim to the British layouts and were made to fight with one another.
The British also took advantage of the people, training them to be soldiers and employing them for the British military; the new military was better trained and more educated than the Indian armies.
The British using their Indian troops sided with an Indian kingdom in beating its rivals.
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