08 April 2022 Current Affairs

08 April 2022 Current Affairs
08 April 2022 Current Affairs

Current Affairs

08 April 2022 Current Affairs: In this post, we share daily updated Current Affairs. This topic is the most important part of all competitive exams. All these posts are very important for all the candidates who are preparing for the competitive exam.

Current Affairs 08 April 2022 

Ques 1. Prakriti, which was launched recently, is the mascot to create awareness in which field?
Ans. plastic pollution

Ques 2. Who has been given the Chameli Devi Jain Award 2021?
Ans. Journalist Arifa Johri

Ques 3. Which nation has launched a pilot project to produce ‘green’ steel by burning hydrogen?
Ans. Sweden

Ques 4. In which village of Leh district community museum has started.
Ans. Gaya – in Sasoma village

Ques 5. Wagner Group is a private military company of which nation?
Ans. Russia

Ques 6. Who is the author of the launch book The Maverick Effect?
Ans. Harish Mehta

Ques 7. Who has entered the top 10 of Hurun’s richest self-made billionaires list 2022?
Ans. Falguni Nayyar

Ques 8. Keeping in view the environment, NTPC and KIS have agreed to mix Green Hydrogen with Piped Natural Gas.
Ans. Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL)

Ques 9. Who has become the highest wicket-taker in IPL?
Ans. Dwayne Bravo

Ques 10. When was the World Health Organization established?
Ans. 1948

Ques 11. According to ADB, what percentage of India’s economy is estimated to be in the financial year 2022.
Ans. 7.5%

Ques 12. Viktor Orban has won the election of Prime Minister which nation?
Ans. Hungary

Ques 13. How many agreements did India sign with the Netherlands during the visit of Indian President Ram Nath Kovind?
Ans. Four

Ques 14. Who is the current President of Serbia?
Ans. Alexander Vucic

Ques 15. Which medal has Ann Maria won in the National Weightlifting Championship?
Ans. Gold

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