Types of fungal infections: Black, White & Yellow Fungus

Types of fungal infections
fungal infections

Types of fungal infections

In this post we sharing about Types of fungal infections. As India is still reeling down the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Black, White and Yellow Fungus infections have brought along unending woes, pressuring the already stressed healthcare system.

All these fungal infections have been credited to COVID-19 and resulted in prolonged morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 patients. This Report sheds light on all three bacterial infections, their causes, symptoms, and more.

Types of fungal infections

Black Fungus

Increased cases of Black Fungus or Mucormycosis have been observed in COVID-19 patients at the federal capital.

 Symptoms of Black Fungus disease

1. For Gastrointestinal (GI tract) Mucormycosis

  • Stomachic Pain
  • Bleeding in Gastrointestinal
  • queasiness and Vomiting

2. For Lungs Mucormycosis

  • shivers (Fever)
  • Pain In chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough

3. For Brain Mucormycosis

  • shivers (Fever)
  • Black wound on nasal bridge or upper inside of the mouth
  • Headache
  • Swelling, one side in face
  • Sinus or Nose congestion

who are possibility of getting infected with Black Fungus?

  • Cancer Patient
  • Diabetes Patient
  • Pre-maturity Human
  • Organ transplant Patient
  • Skin injury due to surgery
  • low weight when birth

source of Black Fungus infection

  • Inappropriate use of steroids
  • Poor cleanliness
  • Touch with the infectious molds

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White Fungus

White Fungus was Discover in four patients in Patna Medical College and Hospital in Bihar.

How was White Fungus infection recognize?

Dr. S.N. Singh, Head of the Microbiology in PMCH, affirmed the instances of White Fungus throughout a Thorough investigation. This includes after all four patients revealed COVID-like symptoms but tested negative for the deadly virus. The patients were treated the antifungal medications and have since revealed improvement in their problem.

 Symptoms of White Fungus disease

  • Black spots on lungs
  • shivers (Fever)
  • decreased oxygen level
  • Cough
  • scouring

source of White Fungus infection

  • Poor cleanliness
  • Touch with the infectious molds
  • Low immunity

who are possibility of getting infect with White Fungus?

  • People who long for on steroids
  • COVID-19 patients depend on oxygen support
  • People with comorbidity such as diabetes

Yellow Fungus

Yellow Fungus, another COVID-triggered fungal disease has been reported in Ghaziabad.

How was Yellow Fungus infection recognize?

A patient, who reportedly has Yellow Fungus, was hurried by his son to the hospital once he began bleeding from his eyes and nose. The patient recently recovered from the Covid-19 infection. He was administered the antifungal medication and has since revealed improvement in his ailment.

 Symptoms of Yellow Fungus disease

  • languor
  • Slow healing of lesion
  • Low hunger or no hunger
  • interior bleeding
  • malnourishment
  • weight drop
  • body part failure
  • Pus leak

source of Yellow Fungus infection

  • Poor cleaness
  • Moisture and warmth
  • pollute food
  • Overuseing of steroids

who are possibility of getting infected with Yellow Fungus?

  • Patients who are on immuno-suppressive
  • Patients with comorbidity

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