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One Word Substitution In english
One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution

In this post, we share one word substitution English. It Is the most important topic of English because Many candidates doing mistakes in English subject. So who’s Student Weak In English Read this Post very Carefully.


One word substitution for SSC CGL


S.No. Phrase One Word
1. A building where animals are butchered Abattoir
2. An act of abdicating or renouncing the throne Abdication
3. The branch of physics concerned with the properties of sound Acoustics
4. Items of additional material added at the end of a book or other publication Addendum
5. Urging or requesting (someone) solemnly or earnestly to do something Adjure
6. Indefinite and very long period of time Aeon
7. Sets of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty Aesthetics
8. One who is not sure about God’s existence Agnostic
9. Extreme physical or mental sufferings Agony
10. Japanese form of self-defense and martial art that uses locks, holds, throws, and the opponent’s own movements Aikido
11. Passages between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theatre, an aircraft, or train Aisle
12. The medieval forerunner of chemistry Alchemy
13. A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one Allegory
14. Noisy arguments or disagreements, especially in public Altercation
15. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession Amateur
16. One who can use either hand with ease Ambidextrous
17. Open to more than one interpretation, not having one obvious meaning Ambiguous
18. Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone Ambivalent
19. Impartial advisers to a court of law in a particular case Amicus curiae


Partial or total loss of memory


21. A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that is born in water and breathes with gills Amphibian
22. A person who believes in or tries to bring about a state of lawlessness Anarchist
23. A person who presents a radio/television programme Anchor
24. Persons who actively oppose or are hostile to someone or something. Antagonist
25. One who studies the evolution of mankind Anthropologist
26. Disappointing end to an exciting or impressive series of events Anti-climax
27. A place where bees are kept; a collection of beehives Apiary
28. Events involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale apocalypse
29. A person who has changed his faith Apostate
30. A large bundle bound for storage or transport Bale
31. Friendly remarks and jokes Banter
32. A group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place Battery
33. Very big and powerful companies or organizations Behemoth
34. The sound of Deer Bell
35. A nation or person engaged in war or conflict, as recognized by international law Belligerent
36. The sound of Alligators Bellow
37. Leaving (property) to a person or other beneficiary by a will Bequeath
38. A large gathering of people of a particular type Bevy
39. An unconventional style of living Bohemian
40. Large open-air fire used for burning rubbish or as part of a celebration Bonfire


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