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Math Formula Basic

In this post, we share about Math Formula It is very important for all competitive exam because math is very hard subject. You read this post and learn to all formula and solved the all questions.


Square A=s2;                                   where s = any side of the square

Rectangle A=lw;                              where l = length and w = width

Parallelogram A = bh;                    where b = base and h = height

Triangle A=1/2bh;                          where b = base and h = height

Circle A= πr2;                                  where π= 3.14 and r= radius

Trapezoid A = 1/2(b1 + b2)h;

Sphere S = 4 πr2                               where s= Surface area


cube                               SA = 6s?                                   where s = any side

cylinder (lateral)         SA = 2zrh;                               where 1=3.14, r= radius,and h =height


Square                               P = 4s;                                  where s = any side

Rectangle                          P = 21+ 2w;                         where l = length and w = width

Triangle                             P =s1+s2 + s3;                    where s = a side

Any shape                          P =the length of all sides added together

Circle (Circumference)    c = πd;                                 where π= 3.14 and d = diameter

VOLUME (V) of a 

Cube                                                 V=S3;                                     where S = any side

Rectangular Container                 V = lwh;                                where | = length, w = width, and h = height

Square Pyramid                             V =1/3(b)2h;                        where b = base length, h = height,

Cylinder                                           V =πr2h;                               where π= 3.14, r = radius, and h = height

Cone                                                 V =1/3πr2h;                         where π= 3.14, r = radius, and h = height

Sphere                                              V=4/3πr3 ,                           where 1=radius, v = volume

Right Circular Cylinder                V =πr2h                                where r= radius, v=volume, h = height


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