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List of Ports in IndiaList of Ports in India

List of Ports in India

List of Ports in India: There are 187 minor ports in addition to 13 major ports. The delivery service is a simultaneous subject that enables both state and Central Ministries. Significant ports are constrained by the Central Ministries, while minor ports have their power approved by the state Ministry.

Major Ports In India

S.No. Port Name Coast  State
1. Kandla Western Coast Gujarat
2. Paradip Eastern Coast Odisha
3. JNPT Western Coast Maharashtra
4. Mumbai Western Coast Maharashtra
5. Visakhapatnam Eastern Coast Andhra Pradesh
6. Chennai Eastern Coast Tamil Nadu
7. Kolkata Eastern Coast West Bengal
8. Mangalore Western Coast Karnataka
9. Tuticorin Eastern Coast Tamil Nadu
10. Mormugao Western Coast Goa
11. Kochi Western Coast Kerala
12. Krishnapatnam Port Eastern Coast Andhra Pradesh
13. Ennore Eastern Coast Tamil Nadu

Important Points

  • Kandla Port is the biggest port of India by volume of freight dealt with.
  • Every significant port, aside from one Ennore Port are government managed.
  • Madras Port is the one of the most established port of India and the second biggest port in the country.

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