GK Questions In English


Part = II

  • When did Guru Gobind Singh lay the foundation of Khalsa Panth? = In 1699 AD
  • Which Guru helped the rebel Mughal prince with money and mind? = Guru Arjun Dev
  • In whose time did the Sayyid brothers fall? = Muhammad Shah
  • With whose help did Farrukhsiyar become the Mughal emperor? = Syed brothers
  • Which Iranian ruler who invaded India is called ‘Napoleon of Iran’? = To Nadir Shah
  • The ruler of which state was called ‘Nawab Wazir’? = Ruler of Awadh
  • Who did the adjustment of ‘Adigranth’? = Guru Arjun Dev
  • Which element is found in maximum quantity in the human body? = Oxygen
  • Which type of tissue acts as a protective shield of the body? = Epithelium tissue
  • Which produces the highest intensity sound? = Tiger
  • Which part of the Sun is visible during a solar eclipse? = Crown
  • Who is the inventor of ‘typewriter’ (typing machine)? = Shoals
  • What is vinegar called in Latin language? = Such Tum
  • Which is used to remove rust stains from clothes? = Oxalic Acid
  • What causes ‘red rot disease’ in sugarcane? = by fungi
  • What is the botanical name of Mango? = Mangifera Indica

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