Famous Monuments Of The World

famous monuments
famous monuments in world

Famous Monuments Of The World

In this post, We share about Famous Monuments Of  World. This is also a General Knowledge topic. So, who’s student preparing for competitive exam read this post.

S.No. Name of the Monument Country
1. Statue of Liberty New York, USA
2. The Eiffel Tower Paris, France
3. St Basil’s Cathedral Moscow, Russia
4. Blue Domed Church Santorini, Greece
5. The Great Sphinx Giza, Egypt
6. Machu Pichu Peru
7. Big Ben London
8. Mount Fuji Japan
9. Mount Eden Crater New Zealand
10. Al Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem
11. Angkor Wat Cambodia
12. St Peter’s Cathedral Vatican City
13. Mount Rushmore South Dakota
14. Victoria Falls Between Zambia and Zimbabwe
15. The Great Canyon Arizona
16. Petra Rock-cut Architecture Jordan
17. Cape of Good Hope SouthAfrica
18. Chichen Itza Mexico
19. Inukshuk Canada
20. Table Mountain Cape Town, South Africa
21. Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California
22. Kilimanjaro Tanzania
23. Forbidden City Beijing
24. Iguazu Falls On the border of Brazil and Argentina
25. The Colosseum Rome, Italy
26. Twyfelfontein–Ancient Rock Engravings Namibia
27. The Blue Mosque Istanbul
28. Millau Bridge France
29. Luxor Temple Egypt
30. Faisal Mosque Islamabad, Pakistan
31. The Empire State Building New York
32. Newgrange Tomb Ireland
33. TilchoLake Nepal
34. Pompeii Italy
35. The Wailing Wall Jerusalem
36. Abu Simbel Egypt
37. Middle of the Earth orThe Ciudad Mitaddel Mundo Ecuador
38. Potala Palace Lhasa, Tibet
39. Burjal Arab Hotel Dubai
40. Tower of Pisa Italy
41. Christ the Redeemer Riode Janeiro, Brazil
42. Lascaux Cave Paintings France
43. Loch Ness Scotland
44. Mont St Michel France
Bran Castle
Transylvania, Romania
46. Agia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey
47. Brandenburg Gate Berlin, Germany
48. Acropolis Athens, Greece
49. Sagrada Familia Barcelona, Spain
50. Uluru Sandstone Australia
51. Angel Falls Venezuela
52. Ephesus Turkey
53. Twelve Apostles Australia
The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
55. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque Turkey


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